Meaning of fractionate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrakʃ(ə)neɪt/


[with object]
  • 1Chemistry
    Divide into fractions or components.

    ‘samples were fractionated by electrophoresis’
    • ‘Our fractograms show colloid size distributions with major peaks centered at 50 to 60 nm for samples that were size fractionated immediately following the preconcentration step.’
    • ‘Sap collection from one same leaf was fractionated into several samples of 15-80 mm volume that were immediately stored at - 80°C for subsequent analyses.’
    • ‘Two sets of samples were fractionated on 1.0% agarose gels and transferred to nylon membranes.’
    • ‘The blood samples were fractionated and stored at - 80° C.’
    • ‘This is an equipment which fractionates proteins according to their isoelectric point.’
    split, cut up, cleave, carve up, slice up, chop up, split up
    1. 1.1Separate (a mixture) by fractional distillation.
      ‘the products were fractionated with boiling acetone in a Soxhlet apparatus’
      • ‘Cell debris was removed by centrifugation, and the supernatant was fractionated by ammonium sulfate precipitation.’
      • ‘In this experiment, mitochondrial proteins were fractionated using a long gel, which allowed the separation of all major mitochondrial proteins.’
      • ‘The obtained extracts were fractionated by acetone precipitation.’
      • ‘The extract is then carefully fractionated by chromatographic separation methods.’
      • ‘The resulting products were fractionated on an agarose gel.’
      purify, refine, filter, treat, process