Meaning of fractured in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfraktʃəd/

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  • 1(of a bone or hard object) broken; cracked.

    ‘a fractured skull’
    • ‘My brother lost his spleen and kidney and had broken ribs and a fractured ankle.’
    • ‘He suffered a fractured arm in the attack and had to have a metal plate inserted in it.’
    • ‘I think the most serious injury was to our staff person, who suffered a fractured leg and perhaps a fractured back.’
    • ‘The blow fractured bones around his sinus cavity and damaged his right eye.’
    • ‘The brutal attack left him with a fractured cheekbone, while the mugger walked away with $33.’
    • ‘The crane driver suffered from a fractured collarbone.’
    • ‘ The fractured digit kept her out of the U.S. women's game’
    • ‘He was then checked for injuries—a fractured femur and cracked ribs’
    • ‘They lost their star forward to a suspected fractured finger five minutes before the break.’
    • ‘I had a slight accident and it resulted in a fractured foot, so I am currently in a cast.’
    • ‘A scuffle on Friday night ended in a police constable sustaining a fractured hand.’
    • ‘She missed the final seven days of the meeting after suffering two fractured ribs.’
    broken, cracked, splintered, shattered, ruptured
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    1. 1.1(of an organization or other abstract thing) split or broken and unable to function or exist.
      ‘children from fractured communities’
      • ‘it's going to take some time to rebuild their fractured relationship’
      • ‘A central question about his candidacy is whether he will be able to rally its fractured components to his side.’
      • ‘No one doubts the scale of the task in reuniting a fractured country and rebuilding a shattered economy.’
      • ‘Corporations have woken up to the fact that fractured families and communities are not good for business.’
      • ‘Franks chronicles her own gradual, setback-filled restoration of a fractured father/daughter relationship.’
      • ‘The prime minister yesterday expressed optimism about the chances of reconciliation within the country's fractured government.’
      • ‘They use the Internet as a new symbolic order that grants them a possibility to patch their fractured identities.’
      • ‘This is a fractured marriage and these children have been in therapy and are in therapy; it's a tragic situation all around.’
      • ‘Rebel leaders have been trying to create a unified army from the remains of the badly fractured military.’
      • ‘We cannot afford to be a fractured party: we have to be united in our message.’
      • ‘There are no signs that the fractured relationship is improving in any way.’
      • ‘The damage to a fractured society cannot be repaired overnight.’
    2. 1.2(of speech or a language) faltering and full of mistakes.
      ‘they'd misinterpreted his fractured English’
      • ‘He actually had to provide the paragraphing for that tortured mishmash of fractured syntax, misplaced punctuation, and just plain bad writing’
      • ‘He trained at the Canadian National Ballet School, hence the transatlantic lilt to his charmingly fractured English.’
      • ‘One of his family hands me an acoustic guitar which, he explains in fractured English, was left here by a missionary.’
      • ‘Some of the writers obviously work very hard to try and express themselves in fractured English.’
      • ‘They both jabber away in fractured English.’
      • ‘Even if you rely on a pocket dictionary and speak only a little fractured French, make a genuine attempt.’
      • ‘I have run out of things to do that don't involve speaking fractured French.’
      • ‘In fractured German we discovered we were on a tank carrier, and that we were welcome to stay the night.’
      • ‘In my fractured Turkish, I told him that I was in town covering a Partnership for Peace exercise for an American newspaper.’
      • ‘The fractured English of the original wording gave it a bit of charm.’