Meaning of fragmentation grenade in English:

fragmentation grenade



(also fragmentation bomb)
  • A grenade (or bomb) designed to break into small fragments as it explodes.

    ‘Historically, the most important hand grenade is the fragmentation grenade.’
    • ‘Soldiers concentrated their weapons on the opening until the clearing team stacked outside it, pitched in a fragmentation grenade and rushed inside after the blast.’
    • ‘It now appears, however, that, while on patrol, he had stepped on an unexploded fragmentation grenade dropped by US forces in the area the day before.’
    • ‘He described how, when a large group of Vietnamese soldiers had been trapped in a pocket, he ordered a then-new fragmentation bomb loaded onto a helicopter in order to drop it directly on target.’
    • ‘This meant hurling a fragmentation bomb into the tent of a gung-ho officer.’
    • ‘We subsequently ceased manufacture of this type of fragmentation grenade and the final sale was made in May 1999.’
    • ‘One of the wounded said he saw a 32-piece fragmentation grenade roll into the moneychangers' section of the city's central market before the explosion.’
    • ‘Rounding out their arsenal were fragmentation grenades, claymore mines, and AT-4 anti-tank rockets.’
    • ‘At its most extreme, it involved a guerrilla strategy of selectively assassinating particularly gung-ho or oppressive officers through the use of fragmentation bombs.’
    • ‘One cold and soggy morning about 0400 hours, we received word to change the bomb loads from 500-pounders to fragmentation bombs.’
    • ‘There are roughly 13 in-view weapons, two mounted weapons and four types of grenades (though there are multiple fragmentation grenades available depending on the region of the world you're in).’
    • ‘The number of casualties due to the fragmentation bombs has reached 17 martyrs and 72 wounded persons.’
    • ‘If I was going to carry more weight, I'd choose the traditional fragmentation grenade every time.’
    • ‘Fragment entered the temple region and produced severe damage to the eyes - yet another fragmentation bomb victim.’
    • ‘The fragmentation grenade combined with the trip wire mechanism were stopped in April 1997.’
    • ‘The biplanes came in waves of nine-across formations, wingtip to wingtip, each carrying six 22-pound fragmentation bombs and dropping them simultaneously.’
    • ‘The accidental explosion of a fragmentation grenade in a munitions factory at St Marys injured four workers, two critically.’
    • ‘To these bomb loads would have to be added a number of tons of antipersonnel fragmentation bombs to inflict comparable casualties.’
    • ‘Fragmentation barriers consisting of common office furniture, mattresses, doors, or books can be effective against the fragmentation grenade inside rooms.’
    • ‘There are unexploded fragmentation bombs everywhere in the fields.’