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Pronunciation /ˈfreɪɡr(ə)ns/

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  • 1A pleasant, sweet smell.

    ‘the fragrance of fresh-ground coffee’
    • ‘the bushes fill the air with fragrance’
    • ‘He answers that he was compared to a sweet smelling fragrance that stays in the corner of a room and does not spread.’
    • ‘It has a pleasant, sweet fragrance and is lightly laced, ruffled and fluted pale pink.’
    • ‘He put his nose closer and smelt it, nodding at the pleasant fragrance.’
    • ‘Kate took the rose and brought it to her nose, breathing in the sweet fragrance.’
    • ‘I plucked a stem of vale-lily and held its tiny white bells to my nose, inhaling the sweet fragrance.’
    • ‘The sweet fragrance of white roses and lilies - the Princess's favourite blooms - filled the air.’
    • ‘To toast, place the spice mix in a bone dry frying pan and heat it until warm and you can smell the fragrance.’
    • ‘The colour of the room, the fragrance, the clean smell of the white sheets, what an ambience!’
    • ‘Sometimes, one can smell the fragrance of lit joss sticks wafting from the windows.’
    • ‘Their sweet, strange fragrances twined about him.’
    • ‘Children with and without sight can smell the fragrances of different flowers, herbs and vegetables.’
    • ‘I could smell the delightful fragrances of the exotic flowers that grew both inside and outside the palace.’
    • ‘As he settled himself into it a fragrance of sweet summer grass, clover and lavender came up around him.’
    • ‘Nature blossoms and blooms and fills the air with a warm, sweet fragrance that we all embrace.’
    • ‘The light fragrance permeating the autumn air will make you feel intoxicated.’
    • ‘It added a pleasant, subtle fragrance to the dessert and left just a trace of its flavour in the banana/caramel mix.’
    • ‘The dampness amplified each and every smell to such a pitch that he seemed to be wading through air thick with intoxicating fragrances.’
    • ‘Scented geraniums release their fragrances to the air only when you touch them or brush past.’
    • ‘There is nothing like the sweet fragrance of a vase of sweet peas in the house.’
    • ‘We include testing notes with your fragrance oil order so that they are handy while you are making soap.’
    sweet smell, scent, perfume, bouquet, aroma, odour, redolence, nose, balm, balminess
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    1. 1.1A perfume or aftershave.
      ‘our fine selection of classic fragrances for men and women’
      • ‘men who don't customarily wear fragrance’
      • ‘For many, the use of fragrances like perfume, cologne, after-shave or scented lotion is a personal choice affecting only the user.’
      • ‘The young man wore fine garments, was perfumed with fragrances and surrounded by musicians and attendants who ministered to his every need.’
      • ‘His father had been fascinated by the chemical bases of scents, particularly the floral fragrances used in making perfumes, and he often worked in a home laboratory.’
      • ‘Perfumes or fragrances are always sure to make her happy, just be sure to know whether she prefers classy fragrances or sporty perfumes.’
      • ‘Avoid moisturizers with fragrances and a lot of extra ingredients.’
      • ‘His fragrances are done in perfume, perfumed oil, eau de toilette, splash, and body products.’
      • ‘The preferred fragrances for perfumes are by no means universal, but differ according to cultural dictates and fashions.’
      • ‘The original is unisex and in a yellow box because in 1916 most of the fragrances were colognes and everybody wore them.’
      • ‘The innovative soft padding package and red glass bottle hides a delicious scent that combines the fragrances of almond, orange blossom, lily of the valley and patchouli, to name a few.’
      • ‘Due to open in February, the new store will offer a wide range of health and beauty products, cosmetics, fine fragrances and toiletries.’
      • ‘While you agonize of whether to go with the peach fragrances or the lavender skin restorer, you should try to keep in mind what such gifts say to her.’
      • ‘I love perfume and have about four fragrances on rotation - daytime, evening, summer and winter.’
      • ‘Perfume oils are richer, deeper and longer-lasting than traditional fragrances.’
      • ‘As the science of creating fragrances grows more high-tech, perfumers are both bottling and protecting the best of nature with these methods.’
      • ‘Now would be the right time to relaunch the perfume line or to launch a new fragrance.’
      • ‘Wait three minutes between smelling different fragrances, and nibble on a cracker (again, to distract the receptors) while waiting.’
      • ‘A sweet fragrance spritzed on your pulse points will make him move in a little closer.’
      • ‘Often, men's fragrances are pushed into the background, sometimes not considered a viable market.’
      • ‘Cosmetics, fragrances, and botanicals are important causes of allergic contact dermatitis.’
      • ‘All agreed that it was okay to be able to smell a woman's fragrance if she was close to them, but not if she was on the other side of the room.’
      perfume, scent, eau de toilette, toilet water
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Mid 17th century from French, or from Latin fragrantia, from fragrare ‘smell sweet’.