Meaning of Fraktur in English:



mass noun
  • A German style of black-letter type.

    ‘He uses his virtuoso calligraphic skills to create works that call up everything from illuminated manuscripts to German Fraktur wedding certificates.’
    • ‘He used his usual Caslon Antiqua, which must have seemed as odd to the German readers of the day as English printed in Fraktur type would seem to us.’
    • ‘But when he read a German book printed in old but easily decipherable Fraktur type (as in Haeckel's 1868 edition), he wrote his annotations in the corresponding and now extinct Sutterlin script (which I cannot read at all).’
    • ‘They have mostly been written in the Fraktur font type, which is very uncommon today, even in Germany.’
    • ‘Earlier versions of the Volapük language added vowels from Fraktur to the Roman ones.’
    • ‘In Germany, the old German cursive script developed in the 16th century is also sometimes called Fraktur.’
    • ‘The creation of Fraktur played a significant role in the educational process.’
    • ‘Typical features: Fraktur has more sophisticated forms than the Schwabacher.’



/ˈfraktʊə/ /frakˈtuːɐ/


Late 19th century German, from Latin fractura ‘fracture’ (because of its angularity).