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frame house

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mainly North American
  • A house constructed from a wooden skeleton, typically covered with timber boards.

    ‘He inherited his mother's white frame house - the house in which he'd been raised - and the large double lot on which it sat but didn't want to live there.’
    • ‘I stood on the empty highway, looking at the dense forest on either side, the dark blue alien sky, and the white frame house that was going to be my new home.’
    • ‘The site of their new mission contained only a frame house that had not been occupied since its construction two years earlier.’
    • ‘Settling his wife and six children first in a crude log cabin and then in a larger frame house, he began work on his Italianate mansion.’
    • ‘We pull up in front of a weathered frame house tucked behind a real-estate office on a busy main road.’
    • ‘‘I jumped out the bedroom window,’ he said as he watched the wood frame house he has rented for less than a year go up in flames.’
    • ‘Ours was a large extended family - our mother was the oldest of nine - and uncles, aunts, and cousins were constantly in and out of the white frame house which was the family's hub.’
    • ‘There we sat, in the big old-fashioned living room of a white frame house in Pinckney, South Carolina, way too close to where my father taught me how to figure a batting average.’
    • ‘While he sat across the street from the little frame house with the willow tree in front, he started to wonder when he would ever ‘make it.’’
    • ‘The frame house I lived in overlooked the steel mills.’
    • ‘Built in 1898, the two-story frame house was sold last fall for far more than I would have guessed and probably more than it was worth.’
    • ‘There is a tree that stands in Denison, Texas, offering shade to a modest frame house that once nestled close to three rail lines.’
    • ‘Outside, numbing blasts of icy air are hitting the trees and the frame house.’
    • ‘The frame house, set back from Highway 29 which slices from south to north right down through the Napa Valley, needed some work.’
    • ‘Beginning with his mother's simple two room frame house, Martin added rooms in front and in back, building walls which integrate the central structure to the grounds and define areas for specific, often ‘ritual’ purposes.’
    • ‘Some few of the houses were the cheapest looking shacks that could be built, a few were box cars, about one third were good frame houses but the most of them were made of logs, good ones, too.’
    • ‘This frame house was constructed in 1888 with a front-facing gable and a bracketed cornice with returns.’
    • ‘Built around 1850, the large two-story, T-shaped frame house follows an ambitious plan, with a traverse stair hall connecting generous rooms at each end of the house.’
    • ‘Older frame houses in Lincoln Park generally are sheathed with German siding, which provided a weathertight seal and an attractive surface pattern.’
    • ‘This two-story frame house with prominent front gable was built ca. 1895.’