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frame tent


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mainly British
  • A tent supported by a tall frame, giving it nearly perpendicular sides and standing headroom throughout.

    ‘Opposite them, they set up a frame tent that featured continuous videos on the Army Reserve.’
    • ‘In more recent years, the huge, spindly, family-sized frame tents have largely given way to caravans and motorhomes.’
    • ‘Inside one container was a tent equal in size to two frame tents.’
    • ‘Royal tent, dome tents, tunnel tents, ridge tents, and frame tents are a new addition to our camping range.’
    • ‘We offer pole tents, frame tents and European freespan structures.’
    • ‘We have frame tents from the smallest 2 Berth to the biggest 8 Berth.’
    • ‘Many years ago frame tents dominated the campsite landscape but today with modern manufacturing and design techniques, the frame tent has all but disappeared.’
    • ‘In highseason, the frame tents are only rented per week, one Week is from Saturday 16.00 h. till next Saturday 11.00 h. Off highseason, you can make reservations from three nights up.’
    • ‘Pole tents are available in larger sizes than frame tents and add a dramatic look to an event because of the center pole height.’
    • ‘A frame tent is a framework of aluminum pipes that support the fabric roof and define the structure's shape.’
    • ‘Our frame tents are available in standard widths of 10 ’, 15 ’, 20 ’, and 30’ and modular in length.’
    • ‘Sidewalls and tent liners are available for rope and frame tents only.’
    • ‘These frame tents are ideal for installation on cement.’
    • ‘We feature rope tents, frame tents and specialty tents for all occasions, including weddings, banquets, parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate events & more.’
    • ‘A frame tent is a metal structure with a vinyl roof covering.’