Meaning of framed in English:




  • 1(of a picture, photograph, etc.) held in a frame.

    ‘a framed photograph of her father’
    • ‘A large framed picture of photographs of 38 Second World War servicemen from the Corston area is also being refurbished to mark the occasion.’
    • ‘Earlier in the day, while leafing through a stack of framed pictures, selecting a handful for the new bedroom, Graham came up with a bit of a shock.’
    • ‘The Freystrop artist has a wide variety of work on display, ranging from framed pictures to wall hangings and scarves.’
    • ‘They took a huge framed picture of the Lord of Seven Hills on a jeep and sang bhajans as they walked.’
    • ‘Olivia reaches up to the second shelf for a framed photograph that she's seen from a distance many times before.’
    • ‘He sent a small framed picture to every person who moved into the community.’
    • ‘The memorial service featured a framed photo of Liam at his graduation; his body was donated for medical science.’
    • ‘What drew the eye, though, was a framed photograph on a shelf.’
    • ‘Six of the boxes contained framed pictures, old records, dishes, towels, and blankets, everything you would have in a home.’
    • ‘There were four framed photographs in the house.’
    • ‘He recognized one of his own framed photographs displayed over the fireplace.’
    • ‘A couple of weeks later, we were walking down the street in Ashbourne when we came across a shop with a load of framed caricatures in the window.’
    • ‘In every government office there is a sullen secretary, a pot plant and a framed portrait of the leader.’
    • ‘After the exhibition tour, each family will receive a framed picture used in the display.’
    • ‘Pat has a framed picture of the singer in her bedroom, which inspires her to go to the classes every week.’
    • ‘She looked across the room at framed photographs hanging every few feet - pictures of deserts, powerful animals, and foreign beauties looking soulfully into the camera.’
    • ‘The club was hit by vandals in February when a catalogue of damage was carried out, including a ruined carpet, dressing room smashed up, framed pictures broken, graffiti and items stolen.’
    • ‘There is a wall of framed pictures of champion bowlers.’
    • ‘The children showcased their work in an exhibition at the school yesterday when 60 of their framed pictures, hanging in the gallery, were on sale to parents.’
    • ‘Inside it was a framed picture he'd painted as my present.’
  • 2in combination (of a building) having a frame of a specified material.

    • ‘a traditional oak-framed house’