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Pronunciation /ˈfran(t)ʃʌɪz/

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  • 1An authorization granted by a government or company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities, for example acting as an agent for a company's products.

    ‘Toyota granted the group a franchise’
    • ‘lagers brewed under franchise’
    • ‘franchise holders’
    • ‘Finally, they found individuals interested in purchasing franchises.’
    • ‘These figures refer to cars that were imported by the official franchise holders.’
    • ‘We are at an advanced stage of negotiations with a large number of individuals about possible franchises.’
    • ‘He observed how ever that there were a number of problems associated with second hand cars which gave an advantage to the franchise holders.’
    • ‘He owns the London Park Hotel and is the franchise holder for the Holiday Inn in the capital.’
    • ‘Hull Trains, which runs daily services from Selby to London, is moving from strength to strength after being granted a franchise extension.’
    • ‘In the past, monopoly was formed when the government granted a franchise to certain companies so that they could invest in new products and provide essential services.’
    • ‘Manufacturers' warranties now stretch for longer periods than was the case five years ago, but with the built-in proviso that all servicing is carried out at a franchise dealer.’
    • ‘He is now covering Colchester and the surrounding areas as the franchise holder for Ovenu, a national organisation with franchises across the country.’
    • ‘After conducting extensive research, she decided to pursue a franchise in the commercial cleaning industry.’
    • ‘A consortium was granted the eight-year franchise last year with subsidies totalling £637 million over its full term.’
    • ‘Next month I'll expand why, as a matter of trust, we are granted a franchise.’
    • ‘He said the group was poised to hold talks with the new franchise holders in the coming weeks.’
    • ‘One franchise broker was attracted by the growth potential of franchises providing nonmedical care services for the elderly living at home.’
    • ‘The government also granted franchises to private persons.’
    • ‘If you are a resident of one of these states or countries, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction.’
    • ‘A franchise is a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark, service mark, trade name, or advertising symbol and an individual or group wishing to use that identification in a business.’
    • ‘However, the consultants believe awarding the franchise to a private company after a public competition is the most efficient way to proceed.’
    • ‘The Government is keen to replace its current system of granting 10-year franchises to companies which operate routes with a system involving short-term extensions.’
    • ‘The workers are also demanding that they have job security even if the city does not renew the franchise to the private companies for which they work.’
    warrant, charter, licence, permit, authorization, permission, sanction
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    1. 1.1A business or service given a franchise to operate.
      ‘fast-food franchises dot the roadside’
      • ‘The estate agency's nationwide branch franchise and growing financial services division would be attractive to the bank.’
      • ‘However, the three companies operate as franchises with two-year contracts from the city and are heavily subsidized by the state and the city.’
      • ‘The issue is significant because all the private lines operate as franchises with two-year contracts with the city.’
      • ‘This intense and immersive training program teaches new owners everything they need to know in order to operate their franchises and provide superior customer service.’
      • ‘He said that four of the new outlets would be run as joint ventures while the remainder would operate as franchises.’
      • ‘Does the doughnut business include franchises or company-owned outlets?’
      • ‘Some sell used cars and some invest in business ventures or open fast-food franchises.’
      • ‘Review your assets to determine whether you have the financial wherewithal to afford the costs of operating a franchise.’
      • ‘According to franchise industry analysts, every eight minutes a new franchise opens for business somewhere in the United States.’
      • ‘The company operates car-dealership franchises in Britain, Germany and America.’
      • ‘However, there are more than half a million franchises operating in the United States generating more than $1 trillion in retail sales.’
      • ‘It also operates 18 new-car franchises, and 15 of those are part of its used-car superstores.’
      • ‘So whether you should buy into a franchise or start a business alone depends almost entirely on your personality and resources.’
      • ‘Make sure you fully grasp the cost of operating your choice franchise.’
      • ‘Kay said that in many cases it is easier to get finance for a franchise than for a new business.’
      • ‘Clever marketing and solid brand management have allowed these two franchises to take ubiquitous foodstuffs, such as pizza and the sandwich and pizza, and make it their own product, their creation.’
      • ‘They place a lot of importance on the relationship between head office and the individual franchise operators.’
      • ‘Consider each individual franchise based on its own merit and track record.’
      • ‘It has no cookie-cutter franchises in its four-block commercial district, and locals seem to shop here as often as visitors.’
      • ‘You cannot blame the individual franchises for moving quickly.’
      business, company, firm, undertaking, commercial undertaking, venture, organization, operation, concern, industry, corporation, establishment, house, shop, office, bureau, agency, franchise, practice, partnership, consortium, cooperative, conglomerate, group, combine, syndicate
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    2. 1.2A general title or concept used for creating or marketing a series of products, typically films or television shows.
      ‘the Harry Potter franchise’
      • ‘Games franchises often run to more than 10 titles, whereas five is usually the maximum for a hit movie.’
      • ‘Neither Carlton or Granada seem overly attractive as a route into digital TV at the moment, especially with the main ITV franchises in their biggest slump for many years.’
    3. 1.3North American An authorization given by a league to own a sports team.
      ‘the two cities will be awarded franchises as the teams join the National League’
      • ‘In December, Robert L. Johnson became the first black principal owner of a major pro sports team when he was awarded an expansion franchise in Charlotte.’
      • ‘Today is the deadline for South African regions to submit their bids to be awarded a franchise to take part in the new, expanded competition.’
      • ‘He therefore feels that the franchise should not be awarded to Eastern Province until the audit's details have been made public.’
      • ‘In June, the league officially awarded its first of eight franchises, to Chicago.’
      • ‘Major League Baseball plays every city without a franchise for a sucker.’
    4. 1.4North American informal A professional sports team.
      • ‘Sixteen of the 29 NBA franchises are granted invitations to the play-off party, so you only need to win half your games to make it.’
      • ‘Relegated to play for some of the league's lowliest franchises over his career, all he has asked for is a chance.’
      • ‘There is only one major league franchise that can field a complete team of Gold Glove award winners since the award was started in 1957.’
      • ‘Few franchises in the league are equipped to neutralize the potential that would be generated by Johnson's addition to the Ravens.’
      • ‘Jordan has revitalized one of the league's most moribund franchises.’
      • ‘They have a strong history and were the first franchise in the American League to draw 3 million.’
      • ‘That relegated one of the great franchises to the league of laughingstocks.’
      • ‘Two of the most-maligned franchises in the league, the Hawks and Warriors entered the season with reasons to be excited.’
      • ‘So what in the name of George Allen and Joe Gibbs has happened to one of the most storied franchises in the league?’
      • ‘The club was the only one of the 28 major league franchises to oppose the move, 1993.’
      • ‘His career revived, Layne leads what had been a moribund Lions franchise to three league championships in eight years.’
      • ‘L.A. is celebrity central, of course, and the Lakers are afraid of losing their status as the league's glamour franchise.’
      • ‘Recently, they adopted a Double-A minor league franchise called the Portland Sea Dogs of Portland, Maine.’
      • ‘The Arena League also has a swamp-based franchise, the New Jersey Gladiators.’
      • ‘It's the Red Sox - one of the great franchises in sports.’
      • ‘Inspiration, as in the attempted remaking - with a new coach and the first overall draft pick - of what was one of the most storied franchises in sports.’
      • ‘And that the Eagles are one of the most stable franchises in sports is a credit to Lurie.’
      • ‘Prior to his front office career, Bragan played two seasons in the minor leagues, playing for franchises in the Florida State and Carolina leagues.’
      • ‘On the Major League level, the Dodgers are a lost franchise.’
      • ‘Major League Lacrosse's 10 franchises are located in the sport's hotbeds, such as Baltimore and Long Island, but also in Denver and L.A.’
      • ‘There are only 121 franchises in major team sports on this continent, and let's face it, 90 percent of them are not particularly compelling.’
    5. 1.5North American informal A star player in a team.
      • ‘He knows that rarely - if ever - can a team trade a franchise player and improve.’
      • ‘The team made Lewis its franchise player and hopes to re-sign him to a long-term deal.’
      • ‘But they're untested, and a team usually can't win without its franchise player.’
      • ‘He's already scheduled to receive $5.4 million as the franchise player.’
      • ‘The chances of losing franchise players has increased tremendously.’
  • 2usually the franchisemass noun The right to vote in public elections.

    ‘the franchise was limited to Estonian citizens’
    • ‘the election by universal franchise of a constituent assembly’
    • ‘But, of course, the real test of that will only come in a little over two years time when we will all be off to the polling stations to exercise the franchise in another general election.’
    • ‘Only one in five young voters exercised their franchise in the last elections.’
    • ‘Most of them expressed their desire to stay back in their hometowns till the elections and exercise their franchise.’
    • ‘It also extended the franchise for elections to all persons in the country over the age of 18, and then squashed voices of dissent.’
    • ‘As I left, I was thinking about the duty to vote, the long and bitter fight for the universal franchise, suffragettism, the great reform acts.’
    • ‘They were a minority in terms of voting, because if one put that issue to the vote, those who had franchise to vote on it were men.’
    • ‘People seem to have forgotten that the right to universal franchise in South Africa was just a dream for the majority of South Africans not even ten full years ago.’
    • ‘It adopted a liberal programme, demanding a Bill of Rights, a qualified (but not universal) franchise, and the abolition of racial discrimination.’
    • ‘The world, most parts of which were in turmoil, watched as a newly independent country, with numerous problems, chose to move straight into universal adult franchise.’
    • ‘Today, yet another election passes by and I am denied franchise yet again, despite the fact that I am a citizen, resident and investor in Trinidad and Tobago.’
    • ‘As in South Africa, where universal franchise had been introduced only in 1994, Bulgaria had lived through the communist era.’
    • ‘In India, independence dawned with the sun of universal adult franchise shining on all, at least in theory.’
    • ‘Liberal attempts to achieve universal franchise were failing miserably.’
    • ‘It was in the 1970s that the system of representation through electoral franchise was introduced to Aboriginal communities.’
    • ‘The reformers were very divided in their aims, which ranged from modest franchise reform to universal manhood suffrage.’
    • ‘They had to launch a determined struggle to secure the right of adult franchise.’
    • ‘The time has come for you to use your right of franchise and use it judiciously.’
    • ‘These sovereign rights were only loaned to Parliament, which should be elected on a wide popular franchise and hold the people's rights in trust.’
    • ‘You had no franchise in Britain if you were a Catholic right up until the end of the 19th Century.’
    • ‘The medieval constitution of the town, with its minuscule political franchise, was frozen in place.’
    franchise, right to vote, voting rights, the vote, enfranchisement, ballot
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    1. 2.1The rights of citizenship.
      ‘the bishop's authority was deployed to extend the franchise of civilized Christian living’
      • ‘The narrower meaning is that one gets kicked out of the voting club, that is, you lose your franchise as a citizen, especially the right to vote.’
      • ‘Many believe that this is an abusive relationship with our franchise as citizens, and that major issues of state should be settled by popular referendum.’
      • ‘They should be treated as traitors of the government and deprived of their franchise as citizens.’
      suffrage, the vote, the right to vote, voting rights, enfranchisement
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[with object]
  • 1Grant a franchise to (an individual or group)

    as adjective franchised ‘a franchised dealer’
    • ‘Another 24 petroleum dealers who are franchised by several of the other marketing companies are part of the consortium, but others could join, Observer sources say.’
    • ‘Established franchised dealers have been falling by the wayside for the past few months, and more will certainly follow.’
    • ‘Previously, MG Rover had reimbursed franchised dealers for the cost of any repairs carried out for a period of up to three years after a new car was sold.’
    • ‘Furthermore, franchised dealers were obliged to offer customers after-sales, service and repair facilities in addition to providing new cars.’
    • ‘Rhys says he can not see franchised dealers giving up the service side of their business because the profit margins are greater than selling new cars.’
    • ‘At year-end 2003, there were 345 franchised restaurants and 122 company-owned units in the system, for a total of 467.’
    • ‘In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association, there are 878,000 individual restaurant locations nationwide, many of them franchised.’
    • ‘Local component suppliers and franchised motor dealerships, as well as a number of overseas parent company plants of Ameo members, depended on components manufactured and vehicles assembled in South Africa, he said.’
    • ‘For example, it plays in memory markets such as SRAM and flash, holding a large, but closely monitored inventory - 2001 is, in fact, Hyundai's only franchised distributor in Europe.’
    • ‘When the Board's mental health franchise was introduced, franchised firms could approve their own ABWOR representation and register it with the Board.’
    • ‘The Social Welfare Training Centre, part of the School of Continuing Studies in Jamaica, has also been franchised to offer the Certificate in Social Studies.’
    • ‘Intercollege is franchised to run the MSc Business Information Technology programme.’
    • ‘A BMW franchised dealer in central London charged as much as £152.75 an hour for labour.’
    • ‘Franchised dealers can still service the cars they sell.’
    • ‘At present car manufacturers supply new vehicles through selected franchised dealers who in turn sell them to consumers.’
    • ‘All save one of the current crop of kids' cutteries began as regional enterprises, but most have ambitions to expand nationwide, either as company-owned or franchised operations.’
    • ‘Annualized sales for company-owned and franchised restaurants climbed 6%, to $1.7 million.’
    • ‘The policy encourages car parts makers to set up franchised and chain operations alongside their own distribution and sales networks.’
    • ‘Dealers franchised to repair and sell prestige brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover were found to charge the highest for an hour's labour.’
    • ‘Changes can be expected following the EU's anticipated alteration to block exemption, the rules under which car manufacturers are allowed to enforce the sale of cars through franchised dealers.’
    permit, allow, authorize, give a licence to, grant a licence to, give a permit to, grant a permit to, give authorization to, grant authorization to, give authority to, grant authority to, give the right to, grant the right to, give leave to, grant leave to, give permission to, grant permission to
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    1. 1.1Grant a franchise for the sale of (goods) or the operation of (a service)
      ‘all the catering was franchised out’
      • ‘During 1995-7 all passenger services were franchised to private sector operators, while all other companies were sold outright to the private sector.’
      • ‘The management of hospitals that fail to perform to the required standard, almost guaranteed in such a cash strapped service, will be franchised to the private sector.’
      • ‘Between 1991 and 1997 more than 400 high street post offices were franchised to retailers, including supermarkets and department stores.’
      • ‘The restaurant name was franchised out, which is why you still occasionally stumble on a Pierre Victoire tucked away on an English high street.’
      • ‘She's also helped one client go from being an employee to the owner of a fully diversified enterprise, and is now helping him franchise his new operation.’
      • ‘He points out that the London mayor has powers to franchise bus services.’
      • ‘According to the BBC the Strategic Rail Authority, the body that franchises out rail services, is looking to cut the amount of subsidy it gives to train operators.’
      • ‘Mr Sweeney franchised out his first outlet in 1994.’
      • ‘Cathal Corrigan has recently franchised out the meat counter at Glennon's shop in the village.’
      • ‘Without capital to expand alone, Lovell could either franchise her bar or license the trademark.’
      • ‘The Prem Group will recruit independent developers to franchise the Wingate and Days brands in Ireland over the coming years.’
      • ‘Some passenger services are not franchised by Government, but instead operate under the Open Access regime.’
      • ‘Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants, part of the international Allied Domecq PLC based in England, owns the brands and franchises the units.’
      • ‘A Tampa company is even franchising the concept.’
      • ‘‘Club Lapello has been a great success and we are now franchising the idea throughout Ireland and the UK,’ he said.’
      • ‘Allen says she'd like to see more Hue-Man stores across the nation - a goal that may be attained through franchising the concept.’
      • ‘‘I could not be involved in it if we were just going to franchise it out willy-nilly,’ she said.’
      • ‘The government plans to franchise a quarter of the bus routes in Dublin to private operators.’
      • ‘If it proves a success here, the lads are planning to franchise it across Europe.’
      • ‘If you conclude that you would in fact like to explore the possibility of franchising your business, there are several steps to take.’


Middle English (denoting a grant of legal immunity): from Old French, based on franc, franche ‘free’ (see frank). franchise (sense 2 of the noun) dates from the late 18th century and franchise (sense 1 of the noun) from the 20th century.