Meaning of Francophile in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfraŋkə(ʊ)fʌɪl/

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  • A person who is fond of or greatly admires France or the French.

    ‘I'm a committed Francophile’
    • ‘ordinary aspects of Provençal life which Francophile Brits find so fascinating’
    • ‘I remember working years ago with a challenging client who kept rejecting brochure designs for a Francophile real estate development because they ‘weren't French enough.’’
    • ‘At their head was Winston Churchill, a lifelong Francophile with a deep admiration for French military prowess.’
    • ‘For Francophiles looking for a big-picture look at French society, there are rich details to be had here about government, education, economics and the unique perspective of the French.’
    • ‘Not only does it help the Francophiles among us to brush up on our French, but the levity it provides actually aids the cognitive process, at least in this reader's humble opinion.’
    • ‘French flavour in cuisine, art, film, dance and drama plus lots of entertainment is on offer to be savoured not just by the Francophiles, but also by connoisseurs of art and culture.’
    • ‘The latter, an ardent Francophile, built himself a pretentious Versailles-like palace where the long-suffering servants were ordered about in French and wore perukes to wait on his guests.’
    • ‘When I was in the film school in Prague, my professor of literature was a Francophile, and he was always suggesting that we read and study French literature.’
    • ‘The casual Francophile browsing in the bookstore will flip through and feel his heartbeat speed up at the sight of so many period photographs and illustrations.’
    • ‘In Bulgaria, there is a long Francophile tradition.’
    • ‘Now fluent in French, and having been married to a Frenchwoman for more than 50 years, he must surely qualify as a Francophile.’
    • ‘For example, a Francophile is considering buying a house in France.’
    • ‘After all, she's a bit of a Francophile and is already a frequent visitor to the country.’
    • ‘And this is not simply because I am a Francophile, although I am; it's more a reflection of the important place the Paris Opera Ballet occupies in world classic dance.’
    • ‘He brought back with him a strongly Francophile court and a taste for luxury and pleasure that was a pleasing antidote to Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth.’
    • ‘He is also something of a Francophile and holidays regularly in France.’
    • ‘He was a dedicated Francophile, and determined to bring modern art to his native country.’
    • ‘‘The last time I was there,’ he remembers, ‘there was this Francophile festival happening in the same building.’’
    • ‘In any event, von Tschudi's open-mindedness and Francophile leanings didn't sit well with the Kaiser, who forced his resignation in 1909.’
    • ‘These five outstanding films will be of interest to seasoned Francophiles as well as those movie-lovers just beginning their exploration of what France has to offer.’
    • ‘So the purpose of this page is to provide a list of direct links for our visitors (expatriated, immigrants, tourists, students, American Francophiles, and so on…) who are interested in French-speaking singers, musicians, artists and movies.’