Meaning of franger in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfraŋə/


informal Australian
  • A condom.

    • ‘wearing a franger during sex seems the limit of this guy's responsibility’
    • ‘I'll be a much more relaxed father if I know my future teenage daughters have got a franger in their wallet in case of emergencies.’
    • ‘The phantom franger dumper has been at it again - my regular rubbish run up and down the street netted a sixth condom this week.’
    • ‘Inside the wrapper was the franger I used to abet the losing of the virginity.’
    • ‘He wanted to give the franger and a damn good workout.’
    • ‘He was using a stretched franger as a timing belt.’
    • ‘He's holding a packet of frangers right out in the open.’
    • ‘I didn't have to worry myself with keeping a stock of frangers by the bed.’
    • ‘For safe sex use a franger mate.’
    • ‘It was the distinctive sound of a duck asphyxiating on a franger.’
    • ‘Some of the miners will pay double if they can do it without using a franger.’


1970s origin unknown; perhaps an alteration of French letter.