Meaning of fraternal twin in English:

fraternal twin


  • Either of a pair of twins who, as a result of developing from separate fertilized ova, are genetically distinct and not necessarily of the same sex or more similar in appearance than other siblings.

    ‘Candy and Jeff are fraternal twins’
    • ‘Nine months later she gave birth to fraternal twins.’
    • ‘Identical twins were more likely to have similar eating habits than fraternal twins.’
    • ‘He has a fraternal twin, Alan, a physicist who lives on the West Coast.’
    • ‘Ordinary siblings and fraternal twins have only 50 percent of their genes in common.’
    • ‘Kaitlyn and I are fraternal twin sisters, with fraternal as the be-all and end-all of that statement.’
    • ‘While her mother worked, Michelle ran the household with her fraternal twin, Kevin, and her older brother, Darrell.’
    • ‘If a woman has already had fraternal twins, chances of her having another set is four times higher than for a woman who hasn't had twins.’
    • ‘There are two children of the marriage, fraternal twin girls - Lilly and Edie.’
    • ‘Colin, Sara's fraternal twin brother, looked exactly like Sara: blonde hair, and those mysterious violet eyes.’
    • ‘If they are fraternal, then theirs would be the first known natural single-placenta birth of fraternal twins in medical history.’