Meaning of fraternalism in English:



See fraternal

‘This instinct manifests itself throughout our culture: nationalism, regionalism, religion, fraternalism, sports fans, loyalty to your school, and racism.’
  • ‘Have we become too accustomed to it, wrongly seeing in it a symbol for joy and fraternalism?’
  • ‘This may be seen today in corporate uniforms (airlines, hotels), identification badges, shoulder-tabs, and arm-bands; regimental and old school ties are merely rose-tinted nostalgia for lost fraternalism.’
  • ‘In the 1920s, a number of popular service organizations like the Rotary appropriated fraternalism's ability to encourage business contacts and public benevolence but stripped away its elaborate symbolism and rituals.’
  • ‘Its members found and formed a locus in which to exercise aspects of adult masculinity - quiet repose, self-culture, and fraternalism - while maintaining a safe distance from the dreadful delights of London.’