Meaning of Frau in English:


Pronunciation /fraʊ/

nounplural noun Frauen/ˈfraʊən/

  • A title or form of address for a German-speaking woman.

    ‘Frau Nordern’
    • ‘It was hard to tell these days when a lady was a Fräulein or a Frau.’
    • ‘So Herr and Frau Bott live in Frankfurt in their own house.’
    • ‘No question, Frau R. is indomitable, a chronic adventurer - adventuress, if you wish.’
    • ‘If I relied on my suspicions about my customers' tolerance, Frau would cut them off long before any signs of obvious intoxication danced their way across my bar.’
    • ‘When, for instance, Frau was proposed to replace Madame in German many years ago, one historian actually rashly predicted that Frau would never be accepted, but in fact it has been.’
    • ‘I stayed in this room since I was a teacher's aide to Frau.’
    • ‘Herr got a job at the bank, Frau got a job knitting lingerie, and Grete got a job as a store clerk.’
    • ‘Anything to keep the plot from moving away from Frau Frankenstein and her unintentionally hilarious house of frights.’
    • ‘Wedged in between these two fat old women, the Frau had no hope of being asked to dance.’
    • ‘A long time ago, in a castle near Innsbruck, lived the owner of lots of land with the name of Frau Hitt.’
    • ‘‘That is the reward for your services,’ said Frau Holle, and closed the gate.’