Meaning of fraud squad in English:

fraud squad


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British treated as singular or plural
  • A division of a police force appointed to investigate fraud.

    ‘West Yorkshire Police fraud squad was called in over horrendous losses in the retail division.’
    • ‘The head of Strathclyde Police's fraud squad said the force's financial investigation unit had also seen a substantial increase in calls.’
    • ‘A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said fraud squad detectives were continuing with a criminal investigation into alleged abuse at the depot. search news’
    • ‘The 41-year-old man, from Yeadon, Leeds, has been questioned by detectives with West Yorkshire Police's fraud squad.’
    • ‘The complaints have been examined by the Council's internal auditors and information has been passed by the Council to the police. The fraud squad is examining the information and will decide whether further investigation is necessary.’
    • ‘The police fraud squad and private investigators are investigating a scam which after a two-week spending spree has cost a number of city companies and a bank here more than R500000.’
    • ‘The Peel Regional Police fraud squad was later called in to investigate, and has charged a woman with theft over $5,000.’
    • ‘The Metropolitan Police fraud squad has been notified, and the Serious Fraud Office is also conducting an investigation.’
    • ‘West Yorkshire Police fraud squad is assessing the case, after the club alerted the police last week following its own investigation which proved inconclusive.’
    • ‘She contacted the West Yorkshire Police fraud squad who looked into the matter but said there was nothing they could do.’
    • ‘The whole project was closely scrutinised by police after the fraud squad were called in.’
    • ‘A police spokesman confirmed today that the fraud squad was investigating information passed on by the Council to consider whether further action would be necessary.’
    • ‘Police perform many more specialised roles these days: undercover work, surveillance, fraud squad investigations.’
    • ‘The claims are being examined by the Garda fraud squad.’
    • ‘A senior council official and three businessmen are facing corruption charges after an investigation by the fraud squad.’
    • ‘The fraud squad has been investigating doping in sport, a criminal offence in Italy, since the start of the year.’
    • ‘It said regional fraud squads should also be set up to provide police with expertise and resources.’
    • ‘He said the units would build on existing fraud squads but reflect the growth in electronic crime with greatly expanded technological and investigative skills.’
    • ‘Corporate fraudsters will find the net closing in on them as police fraud squads harness the resources of private security to help investigate this booming crime.’
    • ‘As long ago as December last year, round-the-clock fraud squads at the four big banks had picked up on a pattern of unauthorised transactions on their customers’ credit cards, originating out of the United States.’