Meaning of frazil in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfreɪz(ə)l/


(also frazil ice)
mass nounNorth American
  • Soft or amorphous ice formed by the accumulation of ice crystals in water that is too turbulent to freeze solid.

    ‘The initial form of sea ice is a slurry of ice crystals called frazil ice, which under various conditions grow together to form many different and complex ice forms.’
    • ‘It is an object of the invention to provide an underwater frazil ice detector which is self cleaning.’
    • ‘An equation representing the threshold conditions for the formation of frazil ice jams was determined.’
    • ‘Thicker, soupy accumulations of frazil ice which are often herded by wind action are termed grease ice.’
    • ‘The amount of frazil ice is proportional to the extent of the open water area and the rate of heat loss.’
    • ‘Accumulations of frazil ice that generally take the form of thin, delicate transparent plates.’
    • ‘A small chance of frazil ice formation exists in this open portion, where it occurred in late 2000.’
    • ‘Tha frazil ice layer grows in all directions, and it finally bridges over the spaces between bars.’
    • ‘As the slush moves into a flatter, slower moving portion of the stream, the frazil will accumulate under the ice cover.’
    • ‘Hydrothane is proven to eliminate frazil ice and to control the growth of marine organisms such as barnacles and zebra mussels.’
    • ‘Grease ice is a later stage of freezing than frazil ice when the crystals have coagulated to form a soupy layer on the surface.’
    • ‘Contaminant fluxes associated with the process of frazil ice formation in the Kara sea are much smaller than worst-case estimates.’
    • ‘The second has the frazil ice model embedded in a commonly used sub-ice shelf ocean circulation model, which is then applied to a simple ice shelf-ocean model domain.’


Late 19th century from Canadian French frasil ‘snow floating in the water’, from French fraisil ‘cinders’.