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  • A wildly irrational reaction or spell of behaviour.

    • ‘And I try to keep my rare freak-outs to things that deserve an actual freak-out.’
    • ‘Gone are the digitized vocals, the streaming non sequitur lyrics, and the mid-song freak-outs - nothing left in place to obscure the meaning.’
    • ‘Yet nonetheless, the campaign against arcades was one of the most unqualified successes of 50 years of parental freak-outs.’
    • ‘By covering all the bases well before tryouts, you'll prevent freak-outs, plus your confidence will shoot sky-high.’
    • ‘It's got soul ballads, metal freak-outs, pop songs, so many different styles.’
    • ‘A headline in 1995 reading ‘Man Arrested for Plot to Set Off Nuclear Device in American City’ would have caused a freak-out like you'd never seen for a few weeks.’
    • ‘To me, the statistics warrant a minor freak-out.’
    • ‘And all the overstimulation is exacerbating your freak-out, isn't it?’
    • ‘So before you have a freak-out over her nail biting, be sure your peeve doesn't have deeper roots.’
    • ‘He has a freak-out and sits there with an amazed look on his face.’
    • ‘Because of his little freak-out on the ice, we had lost.’
    • ‘Brian's only public concessions to his problems were that he suddenly steadfastly refused to tour, and had some massive freak-outs when they pressured him into doing it.’
    • ‘She certainly has mental health issues, but the pot could be contributing to the freak-outs in which she accuses you of cheating.’
    • ‘That said, the relationships I've had that lasted past the six-month freak-out ultimately broke up for many of the same reasons that caused the freak-out.’
    • ‘And I had a massive freak-out and went ‘That's it’.’
    • ‘Then, one day, the inevitable freak-out occurred.’
    • ‘You'd think I was killing a bunny from the freak-out she had.’
    • ‘It makes my little freak-out all the more pathetic, really, though I really did feel something touch the back of my neck up in that attic.’
    • ‘He should probably know that I'm having a major freak-out currently and not doing my best work, mentally or physically.’
    • ‘Like the chase, the freak-out scene is a cinematic tour-de-force, a foray into pure cinema in the midst of a drama that could just as well be acted out on a stage or read in a book.’
    become very angry, fly into a rage, explode, blow up, erupt, lose control, go berserk, breathe fire, begin to rant and rave, flare up, boil over