Meaning of freaking in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfriːkɪŋ/

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informal US attributive
  • Used to emphasize or express annoyance with someone or something.

    • ‘I'm going out of my freaking mind!’
    • ‘‘I say you are out of your freaking mind,’ I said as I continued to laugh so hard that it began to hurt.’
    • ‘I was asleep in my own bed, minding my own freaking business when something very large and a little bit heavier than I pounced on me!’
    • ‘Those are the meanest freaking animals around.’
    • ‘So, I said the first thing that came to mind, and I have no freaking idea why I said it.’
    • ‘I dun really mind if strangers think that I'm a freaking bitch, coz that's the way I am.’
    • ‘Instead of freaking about your friends assuming you're a total infant because your dad is crashing your scene, stay cool.’
    • ‘More, to this freaking day, too many people equate epilepsy with mental illness and before I really do go nuts, let me say this one last time, epilepsy is not a mental illness.’
    • ‘And then I looked up, and my freaking ex-boyfriend walked in.’
    • ‘Now I'm just mad I have to wait a freaking year to see it’
    • ‘And naturally, the best way to avoid controversy is to call a freaking press conference to announce that you're avoiding controversy.’
    • ‘People don't want the freaking hassles of trying to figure this stuff out: the product is diminished when it can't be easily played on any kind of player.’
    • ‘She dragged us to this freaking stiff restaurant.’
    • ‘Beyond being fabulous, that was a freaking miracle.’
    • ‘She's like a freaking cartoon character or something.’
    • ‘They act like the entire world is a freaking suburb.’
    • ‘Get a freaking babysitter and go out once in a while.’
    • ‘And no, I am not going to go to freaking Seattle in the freaking winter!’
    • ‘Rock, metal, electronic, folk, country, blues, jazz, classical, you freaking name it.’
    • ‘I really have to figure out what I'm going to focus on - why don't I just go to a freaking therapist?’
    • ‘It was a freaking miracle that they did, and it took years to pull it off.’


informal US
  • Used for emphasis or to express annoyance.

    • ‘this film is so freaking good’


Euphemism for fucking.