Meaning of freckly in English:


adjectiveadjective frecklier, adjective freckliest

See freckle

‘She is perhaps eighteen, not quite twenty, the same age Victor would have been had he lived, her freckly face solemnly riveted into an expression of grief and important, patriotic trauma.’
  • ‘Oh well, such is life. I'm still reasonably happy with my face, I'll just have to start looking for other freckly girls I find attractive and copy them instead.’
  • ‘There is concern that rogue operators are allowing children to use the beds and turning a blind eye to customers with fair, freckly skin, who are more at risk from melanoma than darker-skinned people.’
  • ‘Obviously ‘quite tanned’ for me means off-white and freckly, but it's been good times.’
  • ‘Here was a child star who was talented, impossibly cute, totally freckly and absolutely ginger.’