Meaning of free-range in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfriːˈreɪndʒ/

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  • 1(of livestock, especially poultry) kept in natural conditions, with freedom of movement.

    ‘a free-range, corn-fed chicken’
    • ‘Their livestock consists of Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle and free-range hens.’
    • ‘According to the council's statistics in 2002, 188.6 million broiler chickens and 164.4 million free-range chickens were produced domestically.’
    • ‘The herb-basted free-range chicken was tender and buttery.’
    • ‘It is also amazing how much grass and weeds free-range hens devour; they like it fairly short to start with, then they will keep it cropped short - even if generously manured.’
    • ‘Even free-range chickens are kept in little boxes, only they don't get their beaks taken off.’
    • ‘It still seems strange to have to get out into the paddock early in the morning in order to beat the free-range hens to the avocados, which they love almost as much as I do.’
    • ‘It should come from free-range herds, bred exclusively for meat not dairy (the most famous is Aberdeen Angus).’
    • ‘She suggests purchasing free-range chickens, but warns that even these may not be cruelty-free.’
    • ‘When I arrive, he's shifting 500 free-range turkeys from their hut on to a truck that will take them to the butchers.’
    • ‘This doesn't ensure that they have free-range conditions, (chickens may still be kept inside, but with more space), but much commonplace cruelty has been eliminated.’
    • ‘The same can be said for a blissfully simple plate of roasted free-range chicken: crisp and immaculate of crust, escorted by even crisper roasted potatoes and flavored with garlic and lemon.’
    • ‘The free-range chickens, a cross between the Cornish White and the Rhode Island Red, have conservatories and sand pits, and an animal behaviourist is consulted to make sure that the birds are happy and healthy.’
    • ‘Buying an organic free-range chicken once a week rather than joints of what I call ‘poulet industrial’ twice a week reinstates the sense of occasion and respect the bird deserves.’
    • ‘His menu changes regularly, but on a crisp winter day, hope that his pork loin with plum sauce or the free-range turkey with orange-cranberry sauce is on the menu.’
    • ‘I understand that not all of us can afford to eat free-range chicken or all organic foods, and I understand that not everyone wants to be a vegetarian.’
    • ‘One beef farmer, he said, had already decided to re-stock with free-range poultry and this would give a new look to fields traditionally grazed by cattle’
    • ‘Organic producers often raise their chickens under free-range conditions - that is. allowed to roam outside cages or other confined areas.’
    • ‘It is possible to humanely raise and slaughter a variety of food animals, including free-range poultry and beef cattle.’
    • ‘These labels may conjure up images of animals who roam freely in green pastures, but the reality of life and death for animals on organic and free-range farms is very different.’
    • ‘The poultry industry estimates that nearly two percent of American homes eat free-range turkeys during the holiday season.’
    1. 1.1(of eggs) produced by free-range poultry.
      ‘Milk, cheese, free-range eggs, yoghurt, soya milk, tofu, beans, cereals and grains are a few of the options, while good sources of energy include lentils with vegetable oil, avocado, cheese or smooth nut butter.’
      • ‘Any reservations the organisers had about the timing or venue of the market were quickly dispelled as free-range eggs, vegetables, herbs and sauces left the premises in a frenzy of trading for the couple of hours of business.’
      • ‘Products on sale at last week's market included organic vegetables, cheese, smoked fish, free-range eggs, herbs, home-made ice - cream and deli cuisine.’
      • ‘The conclusions of the meeting in Brussels came as sobering news to free-range egg producers in Yorkshire who say they would be ‘devastated’ if they had to destroy their poultry stocks.’
      • ‘There were sizzling sausages, succulent bacon and delicious free-range eggs, but they were placed on English muffins and drizzled with a light béchamel sauce.’
      • ‘In the meantime, when you head for the market to pick up some free-range eggs or an antique lamp, take a moment to climb to the second floor and explore the world of art that awaits upstairs.’
      • ‘I think they were real eggs, probably free-range eggs.’
      • ‘The ice cream does contain Irish free-range egg yolks.’
      • ‘I marvelled at piles of corn-cobs, glorious Bing cherries, free-range eggs, wholemeal bread and baking straight from the farm.’
      • ‘Ann ordered a local free-range egg and cress sandwich in a soft brown roll, with side salad.’
      • ‘This company began producing free-range eggs in 1985 on the family farm.’
      • ‘The asparagus was nicely firm to the bite, while the sauce was fresh, clearly made from free-range eggs, and had a perfect consistency.’
      • ‘It costs the farmer up to 40 per cent more to produce free-range eggs which translates into a higher price in the shops.’
      • ‘Our eggs are always free-range because the flavour is better.’
      • ‘There will also be fresh free-range eggs, mushrooms, farmhouse cheeses, olives and tempting mixed salads.’
      • ‘She said the business was also branching out into rare breed meat, free-range eggs and year-round fresh produce.’
      • ‘True to her word, Helen uses the best ingredients including free-range eggs and her own jam in her cakes.’
      • ‘Don't forget our great range of cakes, tarts and bread, free-range hen, duck and goose eggs and home made pasta sauces, pickles and preserves.’
      • ‘You can purchase free-range hen, duck and goose eggs in addition to jams and preserves.’
      • ‘They also run a free-range poultry business, supplying large quantities of eggs to hotels, supermarkets, shops and restaurants, as well as their shop at Plumgarths.’