Meaning of free-spirited in English:



  • Independent and not constrained by convention.

    ‘a free-spirited girl who stands up for herself’
    • ‘Berlin beckons with its free-spirited lifestyle’
    • ‘Charlie is a free-spirited resident of Venice Beach.’
    • ‘The writer-director's style is too formal to capture the free-spirited mood of the times.’
    • ‘His female co-star this time is a free-spirited German girl whose lifestyle is whatever they would call a "hippie" today.’
    • ‘What separates it from your average free-spirited cross-country romance is Thelma herself.’
    • ‘What her publisher doesn't tell her is that his young, free-spirited daughter will be sharing the house.’
    • ‘Jen is the free-spirited one who pushes the envelope.’
    • ‘Carrying the name, along with all of Maurice's expectations, becomes too much for the free-spirited ex-con.’
    • ‘The brother is irresponsible, more open-minded and free-spirited than his sister, but trapped in a kind of endless reaction against the confinement of his upbringing.’
    • ‘By the following year, he officially relaunched his pickup dance company, incorporating dancers and non-dancers alike, as well as local artists and children, into free-spirited and socially conscious productions.’
    • ‘He moves into a new apartment and meets his strange next-door neighbor, a free-spirited artist.’
    • ‘He plays the role of a square bachelor of indeterminate age who has decided to undergo an extreme procedure that will completely remove all memories of his free-spirited girlfriend of two years.’
    • ‘Somehow you know where her relationships are going with the uptight mayor, the free-spirited riverboat dweller, and her cranky neighbour.’
    • ‘Free-spirited and careless, he avoids getting into trouble because of his talent for charming adults with his big imagination.’
    • ‘This time around they emphasize the breezier side in their free-spirited entertainments.’
    • ‘Revitalized and creatively recharged, Adams resurfaced with the beginnings of an upbeat, free-spirited, guitar-soaked album.’
    • ‘I wonder if kooky, free-spirited Suzette will teach her how to love life again by the final credits?’
    • ‘The story doesn't dwell on the war's rights or wrongs, but on a bunch of free-spirited women making the best of their situation.’
    • ‘Part of this fixation with youth is simply Boomers' nostalgia for their coming-of-age in the free-spirited 1960s.’
    freethinking, individualistic, unconventional, maverick