Meaning of free and easy in English:

free and easy

Pronunciation /friː ən ˈiːzi/

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  • Informal and relaxed.

    ‘enjoy the free and easy lifestyle’
    • ‘It was a lovely life back then, so free and easy.’
    • ‘In fact, although Americans tell me how much things have tightened up, compared to Britain everything seemed remarkably free and easy.’
    • ‘A lot of male friendships are built on both parties being free and easy and never having to contribute more than companionship in the pursuit of pleasure and the loan of a ton until payday.’
    • ‘The high hourly rate gives you a relatively free and easy lifestyle, you know.’
    • ‘The letters are lively and witty, though occasionally solemn in their reflections; she believed that letters ‘should be as free and easy as one's discourse’.’
    • ‘Kara was being free and easy with her invitations.’
    • ‘Things with Natasha were free and easy, just the way things ought to be.’
    • ‘The fifties were free and easy if you endorsed the status quo, but repressive and suffocating if you did not.’
    • ‘When you get home with your child at the end of the workday, keep your time free and easy.’
    • ‘They had the kind of solid, free and easy friendship that would allow for long stretches of silence in complete comfort.’
    easy-going, relaxed, casual, informal, unceremonious, unforced, natural, open, spontaneous, uninhibited, friendly
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