Meaning of free flight in English:

free flight

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mass noun
  • The flight of a spacecraft, rocket, or missile when the engine is not producing thrust.

    ‘However, if they fly higher, outside the Earth's atmosphere, they can also provide weightlessness to their payload during the thrustless free flight phase, the duration of which is determined by the apogee reached.’
    • ‘The tubby projectile will continue toward the comet in free flight.’
    • ‘On each of these three fly-bys, the spacecraft picked up additional speed from the planet in a sort of slingshot fashion, so that by the end of this initial maneuver it had enough speed to make it to Jupiter in free flight.’
    • ‘The M26 is a free flight unguided tactical rocket that provides an all weather, indirect fire capability to attack artillery and air defense systems, personnel, and light materiel targets.’
    • ‘The extra fuel not consumed for unexpected scenarios during the free flight phase will automatically be used for extra re-boost of the Space Station during the attached phase.’