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free hit

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  • 1(in limited-overs cricket) an opportunity to strike the ball without the possibility of being bowled or caught out, following a no-ball.

    ‘the six came off a free hit after Gough had no-balled’
    • ‘Jones and Trescothick gave them a good start, with Jones taking on the bowlers after he was reprieved when caught off a free hit following a no-ball from Lee.’
    • ‘No-balls in the 20-over innings are worth two runs and are further punished with a free hit from the next delivery.’
    • ‘Four catches went begging and Kirby bowled three no-balls which resulted in free hits.’
    • ‘They were accurate in every area, they didn't give us free hits while batting.’
    • ‘No-balls are punished with a "free hit", from which the batsman can only be run out.’
    1. 1.1(in field hockey) a penalty hit awarded for a foul committed outside the goal area.
      ‘a quickly taken free hit by the home team was excellently converted’
      • ‘He was flawless in the execution of free hits which were angled perfectly to create the opening for the attack.’
      • ‘Superb defending of free hits and interception of passes in midfield had the Naas ladies on the attack for most of the game.’
      • ‘With continued pressure, Daten soon secured a free hit outside the area which was swiftly taken by centre half Helen Moffat.’
      • ‘A Lauren Grant free hit found Sophie Worsman on the post to deflect in for the first goal.’
      • ‘Roberts-Lang scored New Zealand's third goal when a free hit rebounded from a goalpost to her.’
    2. 1.2British An easy opportunity to gain an advantage over a rival or opponent.
      ‘the policy has been sold so poorly that it gives everybody against it a free hit’
      • ‘The Government has now decided to take free hits at the ACT party.’
      • ‘But a protest vote tomorrow will be no free hit.’
      • ‘The Labour Party conference, when managed with the presentational skills of New Labour, provides a series of free hits for the party.’
      • ‘The more switched on and capable schools thus regard these AS-levels as a "free hit" - a relatively easy way of boosting a pupil's qualifications.’
      • ‘A party figure admitted the referendum looked difficult to win, with the general election results suggesting a willingness to take a free hit against an incumbent government.’
      • ‘These mid term elections are regarded by many voters as a free hit which allows them to punish a governing party without driving it out of power nationally.’
      • ‘By protecting his sources he is just giving the left and the media free hits.’
      • ‘People do know in the European Parliament elections they can have a free hit - a vote that doesn't have the consequence of bringing in the wrong government.’
      • ‘MPs were using parliamentary privilege for a free hit on opponents.’
      • ‘General elections aren't a free hit, they have real consequences on who is governing your country for the next five years.’