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free house


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  • A pub not controlled by a brewery and therefore not restricted to selling particular brands of beer or spirits.

    ‘Present owner of The Swan Inn, Mike Dunford, said he was pleased that the pub would remain a free house, selling a variety of real ale, rather than being swallowed up by one of the big pub operators.’
    • ‘We hope these will be taken in by various free houses to be sold on with £1 per pint going to the charity.’
    • ‘It produces over 2,000 pints of beer every week for free house pubs as far away as Cheshire and Nottingham, as well as in Yorkshire.’
    • ‘By contrast, the average price of lager at the six free houses we surveyed was £2.40, which appears to buck the trend in the guide.’
    • ‘The Village Inn, as we will have to get used to calling it, is a free house, and Adrian serves a rotating guest beer alongside house favourites.’
    • ‘Already, the ale has made an impressive debut in free houses across the Dales and beyond - encompassing an area taking in Starbotton, across to Elslack and down to Silsden.’
    • ‘The ale has made an impressive debut in free houses from the Yorkshire Dales to Silsden.’
    • ‘Now the free house has been awarded the title of Gloucestershire's Pub of the Year by the Campaign for Real Ale, beating 900 pubs across the county.’
    • ‘The pair said they were partly attracted to the pub, which has a 50-seat restaurant, because it was a free house, allowing them to serve a selection of real ales.’
    • ‘Suppose that a brewery wants to turn a free house into a tied house.’
    • ‘There has been a slight rise in the number of free houses offering such promotions, from 14% to 21%.’
    • ‘It's still early days, but we're hoping it will be available in as many free houses as possible.’
    • ‘We're a traditional free house catering mainly for walkers, cyclists and people from nearby campsites - and without this visiting trade, we couldn't survive,’ he says.’
    • ‘Now firmly installed in the popular free house, the pair have turned their attention to stocking up with quality beers from at home and further afield.’
    • ‘I mean, it is a free house, but it's really out of the way.’
    • ‘He has built a chain of pubs, all along free house principles.’
    • ‘It may come as a surprise to him that pub numbers are down by 12 per cent since 20 years ago, and even free houses have closed in their thousands.’