Meaning of free market in English:

free market


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  • An economic system in which prices are determined by unrestricted competition between privately owned businesses.

    ‘a free market in broadcasting’
    • ‘reforms were announced in a step towards a free-market economy’
    • ‘We are committed to a free-market system, and we will stay on that course.’
    • ‘There are two types of ethical criticisms that can be made of the free-market system.’
    • ‘Nations like Hong Kong and Japan rose from the ashes of the Second World War as free-market economies.’
    • ‘It has lured private capital for investment and created a transparent free-market system.’
    • ‘I make no apologies for being a champion of prosperity and its source, the free-market economy.’
    • ‘Hence in a free-market economy both consumption and production are in harmony with each other.’
    • ‘Uncontrolled free-market capitalism is not the only way to bring peace, justice and security to 25 nations.’
    • ‘Is free-market capitalism really the only way to participate in the global economy?’
    • ‘All free-market advocates realize that monetary inflation brings on price inflation.’
    • ‘These prices were then not subject to a free-market economy.’
    • ‘Even in this case, women will benefit more from a free-market system than from government regulation.’
    • ‘The introduction of a free-market economy has brought China increasing prosperity.’
    • ‘A free-market economy has allowed the country to benefit from foreign trade and foreign investment.’
    • ‘We know, too, that America has once again benefited from the flexibility and resilience of its free-market economy.’
    • ‘Many developing countries have grown disenchanted with the free-market model in recent years.’
    • ‘The mixture of free markets with the civic vibrancy of early America created a new form of social life.’
    • ‘While the free market is not a perfect solution, because of human imperfection, it is the best solution.’
    • ‘Economic growth supported by free trade and free markets creates new jobs and higher incomes.’
    • ‘Those supporting free markets would argue that there is excessive use of these tools to influence markets and that they will in fact cause more problems than they solve.’
    • ‘The spread of global free markets has also meant rising inequality.’