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free rein

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(also a free rein)
  • Freedom of action or expression.

    ‘he was given free rein to work out his designs’
    • ‘And telemarketers are given free rein to call your home.’
    • ‘The oil and gas companies who supported his candidacy were given free rein to write their own rules when it came to state policy on emissions control.’
    • ‘‘These kids have a free rein to do what they want,’ he said.’
    • ‘Together, we must fight for balance in globalization by bringing together producers and labour to expand the concept beyond free rein for corporations.’
    • ‘However, it is the free rein of the surface vessels to transit through those submarine areas, even though they are known to be training grounds.’
    • ‘All it takes for evil to triumph over good in any country is for decent people to remain silent as wicked men are allowed free rein.’
    • ‘Given free rein on the layout, I extended the text of his story to take up eight full pages, with each page also playing host to one of eight collages.’
    • ‘For the life of me, I cannot understand what these people want, apart from a free rein to continue with their insulting programming on radio.’
    • ‘Consultants will be give a free rein to put forward whatever options they believe are best and most financially acceptable to secure the building's future.’
    • ‘Students from various educational institutions turned up to give free rein to their imagination.’
    freedom, scope, a free hand, leeway, latitude, elbow room, space, room, flexibility, liberty, independence, play, slack, free play, leisure, licence, room to manoeuvre, scope for initiative, freedom of action, freedom from restriction, indulgence, laxity, margin
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