Meaning of free sheet in English:

free sheet


  • A free newspaper.

    ‘We need local newspapers, bulletins and free sheets distributed door to door.’
    • ‘Her career has mainly been in newspapers and radio, from her first job on the Ayrshire Leader, a weekly free sheet, to producing a Radio 5 Live phone-in show and running Emap's radio's news operation in Yorkshire.’
    • ‘I entered these establishments unsolicited, sketched their latest grisly fashions, and then wrote a paragraph about them for a free sheet called The South Side News.’
    • ‘Under the scheme, all empty council and housing association homes are advertised in a fortnightly free sheet.’
    • ‘After art school, he set up the Suburban Press, a free sheet dedicated to promoting civil liberties and exposing local government corruption in the Croydon area.’
    • ‘96FM operates under the umbrella of County Media, which produces the weekly free sheet, Inside Cork.’
    • ‘City News - a free sheet - has a Verified Free Distribution to 33,651 homes every Wednesday.’
    • ‘He is Chief Executive at the Sligo Weekender which was successfully relaunched as a paid for title earlier this year having previously been a free sheet.’
    • ‘As the Standard heads for higher ground, competition among the evening free sheets could get tough.’
    • ‘London free sheets are not the only newspapers that have pushed the circulation envelope.’
    • ‘‘The situation in free dailies today is very much similar to the situation when free sheets and ‘total market coverage’ papers created a stir in the industry two decades ago, so one wonders why it is so surprising and so disconcerting for publishers to see free dailies appear.’
    • ‘The free sheets may be egregious examples but all responsible print publishers should be looking at the extent to which their business practice may be wasteful and needlessly wasteful of scarce environmental resources.’