Meaning of free trade in English:

free trade


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mass noun
  • International trade left to its natural course without tariffs, quotas, or other restrictions.

    ‘an agreement intended to introduce free trade in marine products’
    • ‘a free trade zone’
    • ‘Anger in Europe over this latest trade dispute has raised fears that ongoing free-trade negotiations could be derailed.’
    • ‘If finalised, the accord will represent the first free-trade pact made by Japan.’
    • ‘So far, Australia has inked free-trade pacts with New Zealand and Singapore.’
    • ‘The free-trade zone might even become one of our export markets in future.’
    • ‘The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that free-market and free-trade policies are not new.’
    • ‘Singapore took the lead in advancing the concept of an East Asia free-trade zone in 2000.’
    • ‘That is why they are always part of the negotiations we have on closer economic partnerships and free-trade agreements.’
    • ‘First, a number of high-profile free-trade initiatives have been scuttled recently.’
    • ‘I have never heard the member argue for a referendum on genetic engineering, or on free-trade agreements for that matter.’
    • ‘Do not support any agreement that looks like previous free-trade agreements.’
    • ‘New Zealand has free-trade accords with Australia and Singapore, and is in talks on a partnership with Thailand.’
    • ‘A government acting unilaterally could be judged in violation of free-trade agreements.’
    • ‘Yes, regional free-trade deals boost prosperity much less than global ones.’
    • ‘Whose priorities will prevail in Mexico, those of workers or those of free-trade investors?’
    • ‘We were caught between our colonial past and our free-trade future.’
    • ‘Workers blame free-trade agreements for sending textile jobs overseas in recent years.’
    • ‘But the Hong Kong government is afraid to do so, in fear of violating free-trade principles.’
    • ‘It also has announced plans to begin free-trade talks with five Central American countries and Morocco.’
    • ‘Australia began free-trade negotiations with the United States yesterday.’
    • ‘Suddenly, those same people who had been rabid free-trade advocates were outraged.’