Meaning of Freepost in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfriːpəʊst/

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mass nounBritish
  • (chiefly as an element of an address) a postal service whereby the cost of postage is paid by the business that receives the letter.

    as modifier ‘send the form to our Freepost address’
    • ‘But, as with all Freepost addresses, the host organisation has to pick up the postage charges for all mail sent to that address, with every envelope costing the recipient more than a first-class stamp.’
    • ‘Local people fill them in and send them back via the scout's Freepost address - helping to raise about £3,000.’
    • ‘Though the Lib Dems do run to a Freepost return address - with the proviso: No stamp needed but using one helps save our campaign costs.’
    • ‘Only one agency had a Freepost address (a license under which the recipient pays the postage).’
    • ‘Not only that but, in the small print, the actual costs of this futile exercise are £8,082 for the main document plus £3,320 for the printing of the postcards - and up to £11,223 if 60 per cent of the cards are returned via Freepost.’
    • ‘It works by using pre-addressed Freepost envelopes in which your GP can post your repeat prescription to a nominated Boots pharmacy every time you need to renew it.’
    • ‘On receiving the capsule, participants filled in a checklist of events (fracture or major illness) and returned the form by Freepost.’
    • ‘A Freepost envelope is enclosed with each registration form for convenience.’
    • ‘Parties should be paying for any Freepost number out of their own budget, not out of an uncapped budget.’
    • ‘The cabinet member for education said: ‘I would urge everyone interested in these arrangements to complete the questionnaires using the Freepost response envelopes or by e-mail from the council's website.’’
    • ‘He said that people should take time to read the Best Value performance plan and send in a Freepost questionnaire detailing their thoughts.’
    • ‘If you are not at home when they call, they will leave you a Freepost envelope.’
    • ‘Each has a Freepost address and can be coded so that responses for individual events can be counted.’
    • ‘Many of our supporters are pensioners, who use the Freepost system to send us donations.’
    • ‘Great idea, but you should be aware that Freepost addresses don't always go to the same place as the other mail.’
    • ‘You can put on the envelope ‘This envelope is Freepost but by using a stamp you will save us money’ or something like that.’