Meaning of freewheeler in English:


Pronunciation /friːˈwiːlə/


  • 1A bicycle with wheels that are able to revolve freely when no power is being applied to the pedals.

    ‘you can flip the rear wheel around and turn it into a single-speed freewheeler’
    • ‘Her small old-fashioned English woman's bike was not a freewheeler.’
    • ‘Have you bought a bike and what's it like? A freewheeler or what?’
    • ‘While skilled riders might be able to stop a fixed gear bike on dry pavement as quickly as a freewheeler can, not all riders have the experience to do so in an emergency.’
    • ‘Most of the scenes have Bacon riding a fixed gear bike, but some have him on a freewheeler.’
  • 2A person who is not concerned with rules, conventions, or the consequences of their actions.

    ‘he's kind of a freewheeler, and always was’
    • ‘The new Nationalist MPs were independent spirits and social freewheelers, and life became one long party.’
    • ‘He was in his element as a freewheeler, alternating between being benevolent and being boss.’
    • ‘She had been a freewheeler from the age of eighteen, but she had always known that she hankered for security.’
    • ‘But will freewheelers sucn as Messier, Fleury and Nedved play within this system?’
    • ‘She is a freewheeler and likes to have many males to court her and vie for her attention.’
    • ‘At times he still sounds as fresh as the freewheeler of 1962, or the young rebel who plugged in that electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival.’
    • ‘Johnny began as a slightly offbeat freewheeler, with a habit of tossing silver dollars around as tips.’
    • ‘Lolle was a freewheeler, without a family to temper her freedom.’