Meaning of freezer bag in English:

freezer bag


  • A sealable plastic bag for holding food that is to be frozen.

    ‘divide the cooled rice into single-serve freezer bags’
    • ‘To further preserve flavor, tightly wrap food in plastic wrap or a resealable plastic freezer bag.’
    • ‘Freeze the paste in ice-cube trays, then store cubes in freezer bags or containers.’
    • ‘Freeze whole berries on a tray or cookie sheet, then pack loosely in freezer bags.’
    • ‘Put the jointed chicken into a large freezer bag.’
    • ‘To preserve fresh rosemary, freeze whole sprigs in freezer bags - this preserves more of the flavor than drying.’
    • ‘Just pick carrots for example, blanch and freeze them in freezer bags.’
    • ‘Once the peppers have blackened, remove from the grill and, while still hot, place in a freezer bag and seal.’
    • ‘Allow the florets to cool before putting them in freezer bags for storage.’
    • ‘And by using a plastic freezer bag to marinate the chicken you've eliminated another item to wash up.’
    • ‘Store single servings of fish in separate freezer bags so you can remove from the freezer only the portions you need for each meal.’