Meaning of freezing mixture in English:

freezing mixture


  • A mixture of two or more substances (e.g. ice water and salt, or dry ice and alcohol) which can be used to produce temperatures below the freezing point of water.

    ‘In the 18th century, Richard Watson and Charles Blagden independently discovered a linear relationship between concentration and minimum temperature for several freezing mixtures.’
    • ‘Ice can be used in freezing mixtures to produce temperatures well below the normal melting point of ice.’
    • ‘Ammonium nitrate is used today in laughing gases, freezing mixtures, explosives and fertilizers.’
    • ‘With the motor running, begin building the freezing mixture by pouring 1 cup of the cold water into the ice bucket.’
    • ‘There was no communication between the tray containing the freezing mixture and the inner compartment containing the body.’
    • ‘Since benzene forms the largest constituent of the oil, it was thought that immersion of the oil in a freezing mixture might induce separation of crude benzene crystals.’
    • ‘Pour off the liquid, melt the benzene, and place the flask again in the freezing mixture, and let it stay until the benzene is solid.’
    • ‘Nitrates can be used in the manufacture of glass, nitrites, nitrous oxide, explosives, matches, freezing mixtures and special cements.’
    • ‘According to Schimmel's Report, eucalyptus oil is also rich in eucalyptol, solidifying when put into a freezing mixture.’
    • ‘The first four tracts are sequels to his Experimental history of cold; they describe experiments on the expansive force of freezing water and various freezing mixtures measured with spirit thermometers.’
    • ‘It is compatible with a wide range of freezing mixtures.’