Meaning of freezing point in English:

freezing point



  • The temperature at which a liquid turns into a solid when cooled.

    ‘At temperatures below the freezing point of a substance, the transition between solid and liquid phases does not generally occur.’
    • ‘A dilute solution of acetic acid was cooled below its freezing point.’
    • ‘The simpler amines are generally gases or liquids at temperatures just above the freezing point of water.’
    • ‘The melting point and the freezing point are identical.’
    • ‘Cato Maximilian Guldberg had already predicted, on theoretical grounds, that the freezing points, boiling points, and vapour pressures of solutions should all change at the same rate with increasing concentration.’
    • ‘In regions where the temperature is near the freezing point, slight fluctuations can make a major difference in whether ice and snow covers will increase or melt away.’
    • ‘The melting and freezing point of a liquid are always the same temperature, the boiling point and the condensation point are also at a characteristic temperature.’
    • ‘Drink lots of water when you play, at least four or five cups, but make sure it's closer to room temperature than the freezing point.’
    • ‘The freezing point of a solution is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid is equal to that of the solid.’
    • ‘Salt when dissolved in water lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point.’
    • ‘The freezing point is the same as the melting point of the solid.’
    • ‘Scientists use something called a freezing point to measure when that liquid turns into a solid.’
    • ‘It is possible to cool a liquid below its freezing point and still have it remain as a liquid.’
    • ‘In those plants that recover from a night-time frost, when the temperature rises above the freezing point and the ice melts, water must return to the cells, and the tissues of the petiole must adjust back to their original configurations.’
    • ‘This is the amount of heat that must be removed to get a gram of water at its freezing point to turn completely to a solid.’
    • ‘Pressure from the miles-thick ice actually reduces the freezing point to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.’
    • ‘Such properties include the lowering of vapor pressure, the elevation of boiling point, and the lowering of freezing point and osmotic pressure.’
    • ‘It works by pushing down the freezing point of water.’
    • ‘Using the same logic, you may be able to see that the salt will lower the freezing point as well.’
    • ‘Your equation will relate the freezing point of the salt-water to the amount of salt in the solution.’