Meaning of freight train in English:

freight train

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  • 1A train for carrying goods rather than people.

    ‘a collision between a passenger train and a freight train’
    • ‘There's scant peace to be had; everywhere is noise - freight trains, wind turbines, etc.’
    • ‘Underneath is the tunnel for a new freight train line, part of a larger programme to improve the city's transport.’
    • ‘There were two small freight train engines standing next to each other in the yard.’
    • ‘Today freight trains are the only ones to use the railway lines.’
    • ‘Car shuttles would run at 88 km per hour between Sangatte and Folkestone, freight trains at 64 km per hour.’
    • ‘In agriculture there was an upheaval after a new direct railway brought Moscow to within three weeks of Tashkent by freight train.’
    • ‘He took them to the station and the three boarded an overcrowded freight train headed west.’
    • ‘Between 1929 and 2000 freight trains got longer, heavier, and faster.’
    • ‘These prices distinguish between 10 categories of line, and seven types of passenger trains and five types of freight trains.’
    • ‘A passing freight train rattles the walls of the Western Heritage Center as a reminder of the railroad's influence.’
    1. 1.1Used in reference to a phenomenon regarded as powerful and unstoppable.
      ‘people do not see the freight train of fiscal chaos coming’
      • ‘cybercrime is a runaway freight train’
      • ‘Teenagers are tested and tormented by the oncoming freight train called adult life.’
      • ‘Underfunded pension plans are a slow-moving freight train that has been bearing down on corporate America for years.’
      • ‘This movie franchise is a freight train that can't be stopped.’
      • ‘The partisian hacks on both sides of the aisle are so blinded that they don't see this freight train of debt coming downing down the tracks.’
      • ‘There is not much that has been able to stop the San Antonio freight train lately, as the Spurs have won seven consecutive games.’
      • ‘Perhaps he discerns the freight train of public disapproval coming his way.’
      • ‘A freight train of emotion engulfed Maracana Stadium.’
      • ‘But any short-term hiccups pale in comparison to the runaway freight train of disruption that is the sharing economy.’