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French chalk

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mass noun
  • A kind of steatite used for marking cloth and removing grease and, in powder form, as a dry lubricant.

    ‘Gessa is made of water mixed with rabbit skin glue, calcium carbonate, gilder's whiting, French chalk and various fine white powders.’
    • ‘A variety of substances can be used to make the board sufficiently slippery - French chalk, black lead, beer, paraffin and petrol are all used.’
    • ‘Rare laces and old silks may take on a renewed appearance if allowed to stand in French chalk for several days.’
    • ‘Whiting, French chalk, chalk and marble dust are different forms of calcium carbonate.’
    • ‘Our products mainly consist of calcite powder, French chalk, active coarse whiting and other superfine powder, which are welcomed in the more than 10 provinces and districts markets.’
    • ‘I had no trouble spotting the French chalk.’