Meaning of French door in English:

French door



mainly North American
  • A French window.

    ‘The master bedroom has a relaxation zone by the fireplace and the French doors, which open to a deck.’
    • ‘Throw in patio and French doors, and you can see that the traditional rectangle is not the only story when it comes to covering your windows.’
    • ‘A wall of windows with French doors leading to a patio gave Jody the light she wanted while also providing access to the garden.’
    • ‘It possessed other irresistible charms, including four fireplaces, several sets of French doors, and a workable floor plan.’
    • ‘To increase the dining room's natural light and feeling of volume, Peeling installed French doors, which open to a newly landscaped patio.’
    • ‘He chose similar brick cladding, a symmetrical facade with French doors, front porches, and a sloping roof to comply with city guidelines.’
    • ‘Although Karen and Joe could have squeezed in more cabinetry along the walls, they opted for French doors and floor-to-ceiling windows.’
    • ‘If you have French doors that open onto the outside area, selecting a window treatment is easier because you won't have to raise it every time you want to go outside.’
    • ‘Leakage and warping must also be taken into account when you're ready to install a set of French doors.’
    • ‘The architect used French doors in place of walls and smaller windows, instantly brightening the space and opening it to a small yard.’
    • ‘From the kitchen, French doors open to level two, the porch garden where you can hear the Pacific thundering onto the shore a block away.’
    • ‘New French doors connect the dining room to a courtyard, carved out of wasted space between the house and the detached garage.’
    • ‘To let the light in, windows were added in the kitchen area above the sink, and French doors in the breakfast room now open to the garden.’
    • ‘New French doors create an easy connection to the deck and garden.’
    • ‘Pale yellow walls reach to a cathedral ceiling and are fitted with a wide arch-top window and three French doors.’
    • ‘A set of new French doors open on a once-ignored side yard and its fountain.’
    • ‘The roofing company failed to tarp my roof, and when it rained my French doors suffered extensive damage.’
    • ‘It is surrounded by French doors and windows opening to a secluded garden.’
    • ‘A smaller set of French doors opens the bedroom to a covered porch so the bed can be rolled outdoors in good weather.’
    • ‘The architects opened up the building by adding a large window, a skylight, and a pair of French doors.’