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French loaf


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  • A loaf of French bread.

    ‘All of those good French loaves turn into some agreeable bread pudding served with a frothy little sauce - in a portion suitable for giants.’
    • ‘You can have marinated chicken and spiced mayo in a French loaf or grilled aubergine with mozzarella in multi-grain bread.’
    • ‘He makes those beautiful big French loaves, and croissants and everything else; it's quite different from pastry because it's yeast rising.’
    • ‘For lunch I buy a fresh French loaf and some Serrano ham.’
    • ‘Stale French loaves are all we students can afford more or less under this oppressive regime.’
    • ‘Instead of the light, crispy French loaf that should have slid gently onto the cooling rack a sullen, sunken brick-like object thunked out, stolid and sulking.’
    • ‘In the diagram below, the lines in black represent the pieces of the French loaf that are left behind.’
    • ‘Cut the French loaves into thick slices, leaving the slices attached along the base of the loaves.’
    • ‘Spread this mixture, generously or thinly, according to taste, onto sour French loaves cut in half lengthwise.’
    • ‘Our Country French loaf is slightly more dense than our other French loaves and is one of our more popular retail breads.’
    • ‘Just before the French loaves are loaded into the oven they are washed with corn starch wash or egg wash and cut or docked.’
    • ‘But you can eat cheaply by buying French loaves and fruits from the roadside.’
    • ‘This chewy cheese bread can be baked either in a standard loaf pan or as a long French loaf to be served warm for dinner.’
    • ‘Two or three people are in the bakery 7 days a week creating French loaves flavored with dried fruits, nuts, spices, and/or chocolate.’
    • ‘Old French loaves, hard as cricket bats, are excellent for the purpose, though raisin-nut bread is a bonus if some happens to come along.’
    • ‘The 1,000 gram loaves were very typical of the three stage French loaves I've made in the past, tasty, but rather heavy.’
    • ‘The standout loaf at Omega is the white Italian, but admirers of crusty breads also should try the mild sourdough, the French country and, for a truly chewy crumb, the rustic French loaves.’
    • ‘David offers her own interpretation, but be sure to also check out her entire chapter of notes on the design of French loaves.’
    • ‘Why am I, here in the middle of my life, so enamoured of French loaves?’
    • ‘Freshly baked French loaves are sold in the market side by side.’