Meaning of French mustard in English:

French mustard


mass nounBritish
  • Mild mustard mixed with vinegar.

    ‘a choice of English or French mustard’
    • ‘Stir a blob of mild French mustard into the dressing for a spinach salad and you will see what I mean.’
    • ‘Spread the bread with smooth, mild French mustard, scatter over the onions and place the sausages on top of one slice.’
    • ‘Asked for mustard, the waitress said, ‘We don't have French mustard as this is now a modern British restaurant.’’
    • ‘The recipe uses French mustard; Ismail has no qualms about ruining the cultural integrity of a dish if an alien ingredient might improve it.’
    • ‘He asks for French mustard when he orders a hot dog.’
    • ‘Now pass round the French mustard that you have remembered to pack.’
    • ‘At least French mustard is a whole lot milder than English mustard.’
    • ‘This smooth French mustard has a clean sharpness and medium level of heat.’