Meaning of French plait in English:

French plait



(US French braid)
  • A type of plait in the hair made by interweaving three relatively thin strands, typically starting near the crown, then adding more hair into the plait from either side with each subsequent interweaving.

    ‘Celia was wearing turquoise corduroy bell-bottoms and a tank top, her hair in two French plaits.’
    • ‘Melan was wearing denim trousers today and a tee-shirt and her hair was in two French plaits.’
    • ‘I had wrestled my hair into a French plait which hung in a thick rope down to my waist, and my emerald eyes, as always, remained devoid of any make up.’
    • ‘I had spent half an hour tying my hair into little French plaits, and clipping up the ends into a mane of fluffy curls.’
    • ‘She was brushing my hair into a French plait to keep her trembling hands occupied.’
    • ‘I had taken out the French plaits that she had put in my hair that morning.’
    • ‘The students are immaculately presented at all times with full make-up, white uniforms and French plaits, conditions laid down by Christine Tilley, who set up the college in 1983.’
    • ‘At the club I coach at we tell our gymnasts that we'd like French plaits where possible because they are tidy and backward rolls are much easier!’
    • ‘I wore my hair in pigtails yesterday, and today it's in two long French braids.’
    • ‘A girl was sitting next to the couch I was on, her chestnut brown hair pulled into two French braids.’
    • ‘Her friend's hair was in two French braids and adorned with red and white ribbons.’
    • ‘Pulling on her socks and shoes, she went to the vanity, brushed her hair out, and put it into a French braid all the way down the base of her neck before tying it off with a band and letting the rest hang loosely, like a pony-tail.’
    • ‘‘She's not mad and if she is, she's mad at me, not you,’ she replied focusing her attention on doing the French braid.’
    • ‘Her hair was pulled into its normal French braid.’
    • ‘It involves a 3-strand French braid and a normal English braid wrapped around the head.’
    • ‘In this hands-on book, you'll learn how to create French braids, twisted pony tails, buns, cornrows and more.’
    • ‘The French braid is a classic and stunning hairstyle.’
    • ‘She changed into her bikini, pulled on shorts and a shirt over it, and fixed her hair into a loose French braid.’
    • ‘Slipping into leather clogs, I looked into the mirror, checking to see if a French braid still neatly held my hair.’
    • ‘Her shoulder-length blond hair was pulled back in a French braid.’