Meaning of French poodle in English:

French poodle


mainly US
  • A poodle.

    ‘they often meet fans of the orchestra while taking their two French poodles for walks in the park’
    • ‘French poodle Charlton's unusual colour is all thanks to his owner, who just loves the colour purple.’
    • ‘She shares her weatherboard home with Wellington, the French poodle.’
    • ‘Legend has it that she dyed her French poodles to match the interior of her latest Cadillac.’
    • ‘She spends weekends at her home, with her two French poodles and a Vietnamese potbellied pig.’
    • ‘To ease her loneliness, she also spent a lot of time with her French poodle and dachshund.’
    • ‘Beside her sits Cliquot, a white French poodle, clipped like a clown and powdered like a fifteenth-century courtier.’
    • ‘I called over my two French poodles, patted and hugged them and left the house to have a cheeseburger combo with fries.’
    • ‘There are even social networking sites that will help your trusty mutt meet that fine French poodle down the street.’
    • ‘He hopped across the Atlantic to teach a couple of old French poodles and a few graying German shepherds a few new tricks.’
    • ‘While at home in Mexico, he plays with his French poodle named Doby.’