Meaning of Frenchwoman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrɛn(t)ʃwʊmən/

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nounplural noun Frenchwomen

  • A female native or inhabitant of France, or a woman of French descent.

    ‘A few female instructors, all native Frenchwomen, conducted the excellent French-language instruction.’
    • ‘Now fluent in French, and having been married to a Frenchwoman for more than 50 years, he must surely qualify as a Francophile.’
    • ‘While an undergraduate, he met Jeannine Marty, a Frenchwoman, on a train journey from the south of France to Paris; they married a year later, when he qualified.’
    • ‘In contrast, Sorenstam competed in only 11 qualifying tournaments and scored more points than the Frenchwomen combined.’
    • ‘She discovered that it was far more likely for young Frenchwomen to have had relationships with Germans during the early years of the war.’
    • ‘But then, as the pace picked up with two laps to go, Holmes had a Budapest flashback as the Frenchwoman, Hind Dehiba, cut across ‘Dame Kelly’ and for a moment the Briton looked as if she was struggling for balance.’
    • ‘In her absence, her great rival, Eunice Barber, has recovered her best form, and yet the Frenchwoman has since been eclipsed by the startling young Swede, Carolina Kluft, who took the world title in Paris last year.’
    • ‘In fact, Freeman and Perec have not raced each other since 1996, at a post-Olympic meeting in Brussels when the Australian broke through for her sole triumph over the Frenchwoman.’
    • ‘I also love English food which is unusual for a Frenchwoman.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, less than a week later she was visited by a Frenchwoman, Madam Galliard, who persuaded Natalina to go home with her on the promise that she would care for her.’
    • ‘Then, the three jobs I had in my working life were all with organisations which had major involvements in France, and I was married for twenty-two years to a Frenchwoman.’
    • ‘For example, one included an Algerian married to a Frenchwoman, a football player and petty drug dealer, a computing student, and four converts.’
    • ‘Nathalie is a Frenchwoman from Grenoble, who's been transferred here with her start-up company.’
    • ‘Now we know firsthand how Frenchwomen stay slim - it's the shopping.’
    • ‘The Frenchwoman, who has never won a Grand Slam, said: ‘Obviously she is playing well and is full of confidence.’’
    • ‘Frenchmen are imploring Frenchwomen not to try to become citizens.’
    • ‘Some of the longest-living Frenchwomen reside in the southwest's Midi-Pyrenees region, which is famous for its fatty foie gras - made from the livers of overfed ducks and geese - and rustic red wines.’
    • ‘The book points out five subjects that Rochefort says she will never be able to figure out-food, sex, Frenchwomen, attitude toward money and Parisians.’
    • ‘Thousands of well-wishers are also expected to gather at harborside to meet the Frenchwoman, who began her attempt on October 15, 2006.’
    • ‘An ambitious young Frenchwoman whose fight against trade unions has earned her the nickname Mademoiselle Thatcher is to stand for parliament at the start of a political career which she hopes will revolutionise France.’