Meaning of Frenchy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrɛn(t)ʃi/

adjectiveadjective Frenchier, adjective Frenchiest

(also Frenchie)
informal, mainly derogatory
  • Typically French in character.

    • ‘progressive Frenchy art’
    • ‘You're a second lieutenant in the war room, standing beside General Genocidal as he rants and raves about blowing those Frenchie commies off the face of the planet.’
    • ‘He might want to think twice about saying some of this Frenchie stuff too far west, though.’
    • ‘Don't get me started on that Frenchy boy.’
    • ‘We're calling it a protest vote because the majority of Frenchy pundits have done so.’
    • ‘The latest offering from Frenchie punksters Burning Heads seems to belie the cliche that punk is dead.’
    • ‘There's a spy, a Frenchy villain played by John Malkovich and a slew of stereotypes and loblollies to round off a brisk and very silly little movie.’

nounplural noun Frenchies

(also Frenchie)
  • 1 informal, mainly derogatory A French person.

    • ‘Then how are we to sink the Frenchies and the Spanish?’
    • ‘As you may or may not know, it's about Crowe with blond shoulder-length hair being very manly in a naval adventure against the dastardly Frenchies.’
    • ‘The Frenchies were fascinated with the sheep and cried ‘muttons!’’
    • ‘The Frenchies don't seem to go for them at all on account of some legend or other.’
    • ‘This time, I wanted to sit back and absorb Paris like a true Frenchie in its various cafes.’
    • ‘I got a couple of hours to myself this morning while my family went out to church and my Frenchie was asleep.’
    • ‘Once they discover my special arrangement for shark-feeding with the Frenchies, things get even more crowded.’
    • ‘Thanks to him, to what he has achieved, the Frenchies are better accepted here.’
    • ‘Two nights before Frenchie flew out, we drove back to San Jose.’
    • ‘It's a teenager, a nerdy guy, and some Frenchie.’
    1. 1.1Canadian A French Canadian.
      • ‘I should have come when the nice Frenchie was still here.’
  • 2British informal, dated

    short for French letter