Meaning of frenetically in English:


Pronunciation /frəˈnɛtɪk(ə)li/

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‘But in their enthusiasm to get their hands on the custard, the company did not acquire the formula for the fizzy drink, which was made by adding a sherbet-like powder to cold water and stirring frenetically while the drink foamed.’
  • ‘From the very second the air-conditioned stores and shopping malls open, you are carried along with the swirl of bargain-hunting tourists in a controlled, but frenetically intense, buying frenzy.’
  • ‘Taking our cue from Boyracer's lengthy discography, we can expect frenetically paced, fuzzed-out pop songs that even your punk rock friend will like.’
  • ‘His hands raced frenetically and gracefully up and down the fingerboard, offering now a nimble arpeggio or a powerful scale pattern.’
  • ‘This is a frenetically busy field of technological and medical change.’