Meaning of fresh-air fiend in English:

fresh-air fiend

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informal British
  • A person who is very keen on outdoor activities and (when indoors) on well-ventilated rooms.

    • ‘he was famous for being a fresh-air fiend and opening the windows in his classroom for periods of time, even in the dead of winter’
    • ‘Described as a "fresh-air fiend and nudist", she claimed "prophetic powers" of a quasi-religious nature.’
    • ‘Though many Americans still enjoy toughing it out in a tent, some fresh-air fiends are taking the outdoor experience up a notch.’
    • ‘Excellent hotel unless you're a fresh air fiend.’
    • ‘Being a fresh air fiend, I enjoyed leaving the windows open, falling asleep to the roar of the restless Atlantic.’
    • ‘"I'm not a fresh-air fiend," Sykes told the magazine, "but I believe it's healthful to sleep and live in fresh air."’