Meaning of fresher in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrɛʃə/

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  • 1British informal A first-year student at university.

    • ‘both older members of the university and freshers are vulnerable’
    • ‘In my final year many freshers I knew dropped out or really struggled because of financial pressures, especially as the year drew on.’
    • ‘In three years' time, today's young freshers will be leaving university with a degree certificate in one hand and a letter from their bank manager in the other asking how they're going to pay back their debts.’
    • ‘University of York freshers are being urged to ‘take it easy’ as they embark on the first week of their higher education career.’
    • ‘The first time he said this - way back when we were freshers at Bristol University - I thought he fancied me and was asking me out on a date.’
    • ‘So it's no wonder they like to offer plenty of freebies to entice you to open an account just as you go off to university as a fresher.’
    • ‘The first week at university in the UK is a mad scramble between gap year freshers to earn status as a veteran traveller.’
    • ‘Scholarship recipients include freshers, students currently in third level education and mature students entering college for the first time.’
    • ‘Arjun, a college fresher was taken to be the happiest boy on earth by his friends during the first week of college.’
    • ‘St. Anne's made the claim in the 2003-2004 Oxford Prospectus, published before applications were made by current freshers.’
    • ‘How many freshers, on coming up to uni for the first time have discovered they are the proud possessor of two personalities: the quiet sober and the raucous drunk?’
    • ‘One of the lucky freshers even gets an explicit induction into Bay College life across a computer desk.’
    • ‘Over 70% of freshers wore gold ribbons at Matriculation on Saturday in protest against top-up fees.’
    • ‘Rowers are a very keen band of people, and so during our first week at Oxford all us freshers were gathered together in an upper room and asked if we wanted to join the college rowing team.’
    • ‘It would be nice to have a couple good, original articles to impress and inspire next year's freshers.’
    • ‘This would be much worse if communal breakfast was cancelled, agreed freshers Beki Taylor and Simone de Cassan, as ‘people would definitely not get to meet each other as much’.’
    • ‘Approximately 10,000 freshers are expected to be leaving their friends and family at home and anxiously beginning a new chapter of their lives at the northern equivalent of Oxford and Cambridge.’
    • ‘But we didn't have to drag anymore logs, as UBSS also supplied a large workforce of freshers that carried the bite-sized logs the chap with the chainsaw supplied.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman for St Catz said that, since the foundation of the college, first years and finalists have lived on the same staircase, noting that freshers also take examinations.’
    • ‘At the school, freshers receive customized technical and non-technical training designed to meet both company and commercial requirements, while keeping market trends in focus.’
    • ‘Everyone is welcome to come along to any of the events except the Safari Night which is for the freshers only.’
  • 2Indian A recent graduate entering employment.

    • ‘after 2 to 3 weeks I got an email that the company is hiring freshers’


Late 19th century alteration of freshman.