Meaning of freshie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrɛʃi/


(also freshy)
  • A freshwater crocodile native to northern Australia.

    Crocodylus johnstoni, family Crocodylidae

    ‘In deeper, murkier pools, such as that where I overturn and become marooned with a seven foot freshy, dwell crocodiles awaiting their next meal.’
    • ‘‘Of course there are freshies in Kakadu too,’ he said as we were about to leave, receipt and itinerary in bag.’
    • ‘Red ones are salties and yellow ones are freshies.’
    • ‘Where we find an inquisitive or aggressive freshie, we may relocate it or tag it and monitor its behavior.’
    • ‘Most recently, the freshie chased a fisherman and he was forced to throw the crocodile his catch; a catfish.’