Meaning of freshwater in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrɛʃwɔːtə/

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  • 1Of or found in fresh water; not of the sea.

    ‘freshwater and marine fish’
    • ‘Work at Chapel will meet strict EU laws on freshwater fish habitats and river quality.’
    • ‘Legionellae are found most commonly in freshwater and man-made water systems.’
    • ‘In addition to the many products, freshwater mussels act as water quality indicators.’
    • ‘Apart from freshwater fish, marine ornamental fish are also found in abundance in coastal regions.’
    • ‘This was real fun, fighting America's number one freshwater fish in gin clear water under an azure sky.’
    • ‘Additionally, gobies are usually the most abundant freshwater fish on oceanic islands.’
    • ‘There has been much restocking of native freshwater fish in both western dams and rivers, and many coastal estuaries.’
    • ‘The domes will contain different freshwater environments containing fish and aquatic mammals.’
    • ‘It was caught along the Mekong River and is believed to be the largest freshwater fish ever found.’
    • ‘The latter are freshwater fish, living in slow-flowing rivers.’
    • ‘These may occur, however, in both freshwater and marine environments.’
    • ‘The sediments were deposited under alternately freshwater and marine conditions.’
    • ‘This freshwater fish native to Africa is succulently bathed in fresh lemon juice along with sliced red onion and red pepper.’
    • ‘I have been keeping freshwater fish since I was a boy and have always maintained an interest in the hobby of fishkeeping.’
    • ‘They feed on freshwater fish, insects and the seeds of fringing plants.’
    • ‘Along with 680,000 freshwater fish released, it should mean that our fishery has a future.’
    • ‘Today, however, things are improving for our largest native freshwater fish.’
    • ‘Fishing is another popular activity as the lake is home to 87 varieties of freshwater fish.’
    • ‘Flood control projects also endanger lowland streams, home to rare freshwater fishes.’
    • ‘Shanghai is famous for its extremely delicate ivory portrayal of freshwater mussels and fish.’
  • 2US informal (especially of a school or college) situated in a remote or obscure area; provincial.

    non-metropolitan, small-town, non-urban, outlying, rural, country, rustic, backwoods, backwater