Meaning of freshwoman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrɛʃˌwʊmən/

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nounplural noun freshwomen

  • A female first-year student.

    ‘The program, which will provide four-year support for incoming freshwomen who face severe economic hardship and who exhibit exceptional leadership potential, expects to produce more than 100 scholars in its first 10 years.’
    • ‘Her study also found that this misperception increases over time, as seniors seem much more likely than freshwomen to misjudge the weight and habits of others.’
    • ‘The counseling office assists freshwomen in making the transition from middle school to high school.’
    • ‘First year students in the freshwoman halls are placed in both single and a limited number of double rooms.’
    • ‘Several specialty dorms do not house freshwomen, but contain a mixture of the remaining three classes.’
    • ‘Lacy is a Mills freshwoman whose interests include outerspace, cats, books, and women's issues.’
    • ‘Another one of our bright and capable freshwoman students, Melissa is also the mother of a young daughter.’
    • ‘Dr. Michael Novak spoke to us on freshwoman move-in day about a degree versus an education.’
    • ‘A Fall 1998 national survey found that only 1.6% of incoming college freshwomen planned to major in computer science.’
    • ‘Rashida Thomas became a freshwoman at Trinity in Washington D.C. as of September 2004.’
    • ‘Our Counseling Center is on hand to assist students with college preparation and career planning beginning in their freshwoman year and continuing through graduation.’
    • ‘I am a concerned mother of an incoming freshwoman, starting to have those ‘letting go’ nightmares.’
    • ‘Christina Gambaro is a freshwoman majoring in social work.’
    • ‘Both seniors and freshwomen who did attend found them interesting and enjoyable - the speaker luncheons received very high ratings.’
    • ‘Students wishing to apply to the Academy of Notre Dame for admission as freshwomen must complete the following steps.’
    • ‘I am a freshwoman in high school and I am getting back into writing.’
    • ‘I am 18 years old and a female freshwoman in college.’
    • ‘The session will focus on the experiences of current freshwomen at BMC.’
    • ‘Wilg recruits not only freshwomen, but all female undergraduate students as well.’
    • ‘We were now at the greatest business school in the world and we were freshmen and freshwomen.’