Meaning of Freudian slip in English:

Freudian slip

Pronunciation /ˌfrɔɪdɪən ˈslɪp/

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  • An unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.

    ‘It is certainly a revealing, almost a Freudian slip, you might say.’
    • ‘I meant little, but I'm going to accept the typo as a true Freudian slip.’
    • ‘So please pardon any mistakes or Freudian slips.’
    • ‘Also, I keep making Freudian slips in my typing.’
    • ‘He often slips up, tumbling over double entendres and Freudian slips.’
    • ‘With a Freudian slip, she continues: ‘I just tried my best to keep the lie or the practical joke going.’’
    • ‘I don't suppose that can be called a Freudian slip, but it was certainly the silliest of remarks from a man who paid not the slightest bit of attention to the point in his coverage.’
    • ‘Perhaps it was a Freudian slip but we have heard Hyde and many of us are appalled by the despotic insinuations of that remark.’
    • ‘It was a Freudian slip that many keen judges rate the best of all time.’
    • ‘Now I'm not sure if it is a Freudian slip or not, but this comment in the article made me smile.’
    • ‘The humour was not unkind, but merely a case of an audience laughing along with a Freudian slip.’
    • ‘This ‘slip of the tongue’ is not a Freudian slip; it does not reveal the repressed, unconscious material of the individual character's unique, ‘true self.’’
    • ‘Far from a Freudian slip or an act of garden-variety racism, the coach said, the word was used with the player's best interest at heart.’
    • ‘Scott caught the Freudian slip even as it came out of his mouth.’
    • ‘Both of us noticed his Freudian slip at the same time, and neither of us knew what to say in the uneasy silence that ensued.’
    • ‘I think she demonstrates a Freudian slip when she keeps saying that no one is better than anybody else.’
    • ‘Another example of the power of symbols to convey meaning is the so-called Freudian slip.’
    • ‘But I thought it was a very revealing quote - a kind of political Freudian slip, so to speak.’
    • ‘Man, this Freudian slip is about to drive me totally nuts!’
    • ‘If someone makes a Freudian slip, they accidentally use the wrong word, but in doing so reveal what they are really thinking rather than what they think the other person wants to hear.’